Pine Manor Wedding Gallery

Sharing the Love From Chicagoland. Our Most Recent Brides and Grooms Married in Small Weddings or Elopement Packages with Rev Pam at the One-Of-A- Kind Pine Manor Chicago.

Beautiful wedding portraits sent to the couple’s cell phone only hours after they leave, announcing their new marriage to the world.  These cute text message announcement photos are a Pine Manor Chicago exclusive, and come with the Rev’s Add-on Photo session.

Photos by Rev Pam of couples she has married. With the couple’s permission, their just married announcement photo is posted here to offer congratulations to the couple.!

5 Star Recommended Venue Loved It!!

Absolutely Perfect in every way possible, from start to finish. (more…)

We absolutely love HER!

Our Pine Manor All Day Elopement Wedding was Magical!  –5-Stars.  


garden weddings til 8pm every night

Garden.Pics has examples of the outdoor setting at Pine Manor.

Pine Manor NYE Wedding

This adorable couple married new years eve 2017 with their friends and family in attendance. (more…)

Especially Awesome and Beautiful Spiritual and Carefree – 5-Stars

Rev. Pam made Our Wedding Day Especially Awesome and Beautiful Spiritual and Carefree (more…)

Congrats to Tasha and ToLuLope

Congratulations to these newlyweds, Tasha and Tolulope Michael who were married in a for their closest family. The couple exchanged rings and vows during a handfasting ceremony. (more…)

Congrats Cristina and John

This couple is extremely lucky and exchanged vows and rings in a private ceremony at 12:17pm on 12-17-17. (more…)

Congrats to Mary and Nathan

Married in a private elopement, the couple exchanged vows and rings and then posed for some photos with Rev Pam. (more…)

Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, LGBT Weddings In Chicago Illinois Cook County

Gay Wedding Chicago Site a historic manor perfect for your elopement or bring up to 30 guests. Available Year Round Rev Pam is noted for her romantic custom written ceremonies. #LGBTQ #GayChicago #Boystown #GayIllinois Check it out here Pine Manor Chicago

Congrats Jennifer and Henry

Best of luck to this couple who eloped on a Wednesday special and added dressing time for the bride, so Henry didn’t see Jennifer until she turned the corner with her beautiful, skin tight, long, and white bride’s dress holding a multi-colored purple rose bridal bouquet made by Rev Pam. (more…)

Congrats to Ellen and Timothy

Married during their private all-day elopement package. Our professional photographer, Dimitri, sent us a few previews of their day. More will be added later. (more…)

Congrats to Liz and Tom

A romantic, small wedding with just the immediate family, Liz and Tom exchanged vows on a beautiful 80 degree day in the garden. (more…)

Congrats to Alexis and Andy

Best value package. This couple handfasted and exchanged rings in a small ceremony in the garden. It was perfect. (more…)

Best Wishes to Griselda and David

Best of luck and best wishes to this couple. It was my pleasure to marry you. (more…)

Two Beauties Wed at Pine Manor

Married on one of the hottest days in September ever. (more…)

Joshua Bolinger and Christopher Udell Wed at Pine Manor

Married in a private elopement ceremony in front of the fireplace at Pine Manor, Joshua and Christopher exchanged vows and rings and then posed for a few photos during their elopement ceremony Monday night. (more…)

A heart-warming Occasion

On Saturday September 16th, an 82 degree day, JoAnne and Patrick exchanged vows in an intimate garden ceremony with their five closest friends as guests. (more…)

Congrats to Tiffany Elliot and Michael Eck

Married in a private garden ceremony, the couple exchanged vows and rings and jumped the broom.  (more…)

Congrats to Kristin Trute and Ricky LaBerge

Kristin and Ricky and their daughter, exchanged vows and committed to be a family together in a private garden ceremony on Labor Day. (more…)

Congratulations Jacqueline Adams and Joseph Anthony

In a sweet little ceremony at Biagios On Central in Chicago, Jacqueline and Joseph exchanged vows and became husband and wife. The location was perfect with rose peddles on the floor and a beautiful lit backdrop.