Pine Manor Wedding Gallery

Sharing the Love From Chicagoland. Our Most Recent Brides and Grooms Married in Small Weddings or Elopement Packages with Rev Pam at the One-Of-A- Kind Pine Manor Chicago.

Beautiful wedding portraits sent to the couple’s cell phone only hours after they leave, announcing their new marriage to the world.  These cute text message announcement photos are a Pine Manor Chicago exclusive, and come with the Rev’s Add-on Photo session.

Photos by Rev Pam of couples she has married. With the couple’s permission, their just married announcement photo is posted here to offer congratulations to the couple.!

Congratulation to Maralynne Rich & Larry Walker

Congratulating Maralynne Rich and Larry Walker on their beautiful wedding in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, on September 3, 2016. Maralynne and Larry tied the knot in a handfasting wedding ceremony in the garden at Pine Manor in the everything wedding package surrounded by 30 of their best friends and closest family. (more…)

Congratulations to Suzy Jamina and Tyler Bischoff

Congratulation to Suzy Jamina and Tyler Bischoff. They were married on August 27 ,2016 in the wonderful Pine Manor garden, in the Chicago Illinois. The private Everything Wedding for two. (more…)

Congratulations to Lakisha Taylor & David Ajayi

Congratulations to Lakisha Taylor & David Ajayi, married in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. They were united as one on August 21, 2016 at Pine Manor.


Congrats to Alyssa and Jeremy McDonnell

Congratulations to the lovely couple Alyssa and Jeremy McDonnell. A beautiful way to celebrate love and commitment. This couple enjoyed the everything wedding package with 30 friends and family. Rev Pam made the flowers, and Central bakery made the wedding cake. (more…)


Congratulation to Adele and Keith Reinberger

Congratulation to Adele Strand and Keith Reinberger. This lovely couple became united as one on August 12, 2016 by Rev Pam at the lovely Pine Manor in Chicago, Illinois. The couple chose the Small Wedding package which includes a beautiful ceremony in a 1920’s charm filled garden, an oath of love for one another for the rest of their lives, and a certificate of their promise to each other.


Congratulations to Jennifer Upson & James Franklin

Congratulations to Jennifer Upson & James Franklin. They became united as one on August 12, 2016, in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Married in a best value wedding with Joey photographer Jennifer & James exchanged vows in a garden wedding in a small intimate gathering of family and friends.  (more…)

Nadia Thompson and Hakeem Adenle Married July 17th 2016

Congratulations to Nadia Thompson and Hakeem Adenle. This couple was stunning in both their traditional American wedding dresses as well as their cultural traditional wedding attire. Looking for something blue? Because this bride has just blown us away with her beautiful blue gown and her stunning beauty. (more…)

Location Wedding of Elvis Garcia and Christopher Saale, married on July 16th 2016

Congratulations to the absolutely wonderful couple of Elvis García and Christopher Saale. These two sweethearts were married at an on location wedding venue by Rev. Pam on July 16th 2016 at 6 o’clock pm during an on location wedding at the McCormick Bridge house Chicago River Museum. Their guests had a wonderful time celebrating the love shared between these two. (more…)

LGBT Wedding Trends

LGBT Wedding Trends We Are Seeing At Pine Manor – June was LGBT Pride Month — and now can be the perfect time to come together with friends and family to celebrate marriage equality, possible your own marriage, and to support those who have lost their lives. (more…)

Congrats to Adriana Caballero & Alfred Cauazos Married June 24th 2016

Congratulations to Adriana Caballero & Alfred Cauazos. This lovely couple were married at Pine Manor by Rev Pam on June 24th at 2:30 in the afternoon. They had the I Do wedding package which included a ceremony written specially for the couple and oath of marriage as well as a ceremony keepsake and a certificate of commitment. (more…)

Sandra Peters & Anthony Muro Married June 12th 2016

Congratulations to Sandra Peters and Anthony Muro. These lovebirds come together as one in the afternoon of June 12th at 4 o’clock pm by Rev. Pam in the historic home of Pine Manor. The stunning bride was given away by her son to her soon to be husband awaiting her in his uniform on this memorable day. The biggest trend for the wedding was making it as custom and personalized as possible. (more…)


A Wedding Ceremony For Long Time LGBT Partners

Wedding Ceremony Samples. I write several ceremonies every week and work hard to personalize them for the couple. I have had the honor of writing and performing several of those weddings for long-time partners who now can be legally joined in marriage. I hope by sharing these exerts of wedding ceremonies it will give you ideas for your wedding. (more…)

Cherie Jacobs & Matthew Beekman Married May 24th 2016

Congratulations to Cherie Jacobs & Matthew Beekman. This couple exchangd their rings to forever be bound in marriage on May 24th 2016 at Pine Manor by Rev Pam at 4 o’clock pm. This sweet couple had an elopement package with no guest. (more…)


Melissa Lewis and Lester Duncan Married May 21, 2016

Congratulations to Melissa Lewis & Lester Duncan. Who were married at Pine Manor by Rev Pam on May 21, 2016 at noon. The two eloped with no guests present at the time. Their package however included a personalized ceremony and oath of marriage as well as a ceremony keepsake and a certificate of commitment. (more…)


The whole experience exceeded our expectations

5.0 stars

We wanted a small and private ceremony so we traveled to Chicago to get married. We were utterly satisfied with our choice with Pine Manor. The whole experience exceeded our expectations and we were so glad that we chose chicago and Rev Pam


Mr & Mrs Jenna and Javier Radillo Congratulations

Courthouse alternative package with Rev Pams addon photo session. This couple were married with their closest friends and family. (more…)

Congrats to Nichole Ochab Doracely Chavez

Congratulations to Nichole Ochab and Doracely Chavez who were married on May 14th 2016 at the historic home of Pine Manor at 2 o’clock pm.  The couple opted for the best value wedding package which included everything the couple could possible need. Having almost 30 guests at the wedding,it was a gorgeous ceremony. (more…)

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Leticia Thornton Olaf Grzegorczyk

Elopement Quick I Do Package. Great photos check out the happy couple.


Cynthia & Allan April 21, 2016

Congratulations to Cynthia Cohen & Allan Roy. Who were joined together as one through marriage at Pine Manor by Rev Pam on April 21, 2016 at 1 o’clock pm. They had the courthouse alternative package which included a personalized ceremony and oath of marriage as well as a ceremony keepsake and a certificate of commitment.