Sheila Smith & Michael Gallanis Married April 15

Congratulations to Shelia M. Smith and Michael A Gallanis. Who were married at Pine Manor by Rev Pam on April 15, 2016 at 2 o’clock pm. They had the best value wedding which included a digital wedding invitation to send to all their guests, two hours at the venue, and half an hour dressing time in the honeymoon suite.Rev. Pam worked with the couple to make a floral arrangements that correlate with the couples theme. Their chosen colors  included Maroon, Burgundy, and Berry. They had a personalized ceremony where they exchanged rings, and afterwards danced to a personalized set list of their favorite songs. They received a personalized certificate of commitment and a keepsake from the ceremony. This intimate wedding ceremony was very private ad was held outside the manor in the very open yet private garden of early spring flowers. The couple and guests enjoyed a chocolate cake, with buttercream frosting and chocolate mousse filling. The cake also included small flowers as a decorative element. Best value wedding provided by Pine Manor wedding for up to 6 guests: