The Origins of the Wedding Dress & Shopping for the Perfect One

For many women their wedding dress will hold so much importance to them, that it is one of the few articles of clothing that is held onto until the end of their life. Many brides feel that their choice in a dress can either make or break their day, but the choice in the dress is totally dependent on your views, religious, social, and culturally. But where does the dress originate? And how do you choose the perfect one?

The First Wedding  Dresses:

The first recorded white wedding dress was worn by Princess Philippa of England in 1406 which was a tunic made from silk and bordered with grey squirrel. For her, the wedding dress had nothing to do with religion, contrary to popular belief, but were worn more as business agreements between families. In the mid 1800’s the dress became a part of Christian Traditions and gained popularity due to Queen Victoria getting married in one of her own. In Christianity, wearing a white dress bares two different meanings, the first being that the white symbolizes the brides purity and virginity and the second being that it is a picture of gods righteousness, meaning to symbolize god with “fine linen, bright and clean”.

Understanding Your Body Shape, Good Shapes:

While you should always keep in mind that you are the one that knows yourself best sometimes it helps to have a guide when you don’t know where to begin. Always keep in mind that regardless of what you choose you need to pick something that makes you smile and feel the most beautiful.

  1. For almost any single body shape, especially those that are more apple or pear an a-line dress is going to be your best choice. Dresses that are tight along the bust, cinch in at the waist, which can be accentuated with a belt or embellishment are great for those who don’t want a tight dress while still showing off what you’ve got girl.
  2. For bustier girls, a dress with a supportive upper half is an essential. For many they think they couldn’t wear a strapless dress. This is untrue however, making sure you have a snug fit or a square neckline, will give you a flattering fit you’re sure to love
  3. Plus Size Girls defiantly don’t need to get an overwhelmingly large dress. Empire waist dresses allow for a slimming fit while still showing off what you’ve got. When choosing this style dress make sure to pick one with limited excess fabric to avoid bulkiness.
  4. For girls with a petite figure try to chose a dress with vertical distinguishing features such as beading or plunging necklines, styles like these allow you to elongate your body, giving you the appearance of added height.
  5. Calling all my tall lean girls out there, your body isn’t something you need to hide, afraid of your limited curves, a sheath fit with a flare out towards the end with something like a mermaid fit would be a great choice.
Researching Your Dress Options

When it comes to picking out the dress of your dreams you need to make sure that you look into all your options. For example, when you book with Pine Manor, you are able to receive discounts on your dress through our pineperks website deals HERE. In addition to this make sure that you check out website via google, or go into an actual boutique and try them on. Regardless of what you do to find your dress make sure you look into all of your options before making the final decision. While you do all of this look to see what characteristics of each dress you particularly like. Length, neckline, style, and colors. As you begin to find the types of things you like.

In the end the dress that you choose is really up to you. Ever aspect that goes into choosing you perfect dress is a reflection of you. Your dress can reflect your culture, your religion, and things that you can stand for. Choosing your dress is usually a once in a lifetime opportunity, but the most important part of this decision is making sure that you are happy with yourself and how you look.


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