Our ceremony was so lovely!

My husband and I wanted a small ceremony with only our children. We were Ok going to the courthouse but found Rev. Pamela by fate. Our ceremony was so lovely! She incorporated all of our children into the ceremony

the vows were beautiful (especially the ring vows), and the flowers she provided were exactly what I had in mind with my dress, even though she had not seen my unconventional dress beforehand. She took care of the details, and send us a text message announcement we could send to our family and friends soon after the ceremony.

We celebrated with an “oathing stone”, which we had never heard of, but Rev. Pamela told us about. It was special, and made the wedding a bonding experience for our blended family.

We highly recommend Rev. Pamela for everyone! It was better than a big, formal ceremony–more personal and beautiful. The pictures were gorgeous. The children (including 3 teenagers) had fun. And we could get married on a weekday morning that fit our schedule.

Thanks Rev. Pamela!

Karen and Mark

YELP January 3, 2015