Wow! Rev. Pamela was amazing

Wow! Rev. Pamela was amazing. Our family couldn’t stop saying how beautiful the ceremony was. She puts a lot of thought into her service and it was so affordable, flexible, and perfect for us. In true fashion, we were late to the house and arrived frantic but Pamela was so calm and ushered me upstairs to change and relax. She had such a beautiful set up and had it ready for an outside or inside ceremony since the weather was rainy that day. Half way through the ceremony outside we had to bolt in the house because it started pouring! Then there was a tornado warning and we all had to huddle in the basement. But she brought down the delicious house wine and cups and we all had a great laugh about it! We were still able to go through the ceremony, cutting the cake, everything and left on time for our downtown reception. We can’t thank you enough Pamela for making it such a special day for us and handling everything so well. I have told everyone about you and hopefully will send some couples your way! You’re the best! A million thanks-

Reviewed by Molly on on 10/24/2012