Congratulations to Shaunda & Dan Hrynkiewicz

Congratulations to Shaunda & Dan Hrynkiewicz’s. The amazing couple decide to renewal their vows at the charming Pine Manor. Pine manor is located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The couple renewed their vows on April 23, 2017.  The couple choose to add a twist to their vows renewal, they did a 1902’s themed renewal. 

Shaunda and Dan came all the way from California to celebrate their anniversary. The couple wanted to celebrate their anniversary and restate how goofy they are about each other in roaring 20’s style.Every year they remarry in a different state. (this is a super cool idea!) In honor of the Organ grinders in Chi-town A 1920’s themed ceremony was planned, with everyone in Roaring 20’s glad rags and foot juice on the table.  Pine Manor was constructed in 1926 and is highlighted. Rev Pam wrote a custom ceremony capturing the jargon of the day. Their vow renewal included their statement of commitment until death do them part: ” I think you’re the bees knees and I promise to carry a touch for you until the deep sleep when the meat wagon comes to put me in a Chicago overcoat.  Happy Anniversary! To have your own Pine Manor memories chick here.