Hussy Tossing Garter

Are You A Hussy Tossing Your Garter Belt? What does hussy actually mean? And why do we toss the garter belt… and the bridal bouquet for that mater? Read on for amazing history on these wedding word vocabulary.

Hussy, started its origin from the words house and wife. The woman who was the manager of the house. Slowly shortened in slang around the 15th century. By the 1600s the words divided, Housewife took on the positive definition being associated with the “good Mom” and hussy to mean a woman who was a lazy house manager. Late developed into any woman who being applied to “a woman or girl who shows casual or improper behavior,”

Garter belt tossing comes from a totally different take on marriage.  In the “olden days” Kings and Queens and knights and shinning armor… weddings were often a very dangerous and violent event. Most were arranged, and in order to stop the bride from trying to annul the marriage, consummation often immediately followed the ceremony, and often with witnesses. Say ” I DO” and go “DO IT!”

Wedding guests would often get very excited as they forced the bride to her wedding bed, tearing and ripping her wedding dress to shreds. The bride would toss her bridal bouquet to the mob to distract them. This started the tradition of the bride tossing her bouquet, which really is about saving her dress. The garter was tossed by the groom to show they had consummated the marriage. Now used to show their intent in advance of the couple’s wedding night.