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Define “Husband”

Where did the word “Husband” come from?  Band… Wedding Ring… NOPE! That would have been my guess too.  Although the wedding ring has been a tradition for 6000 years. The history of the word husband is all about the Vikings! (more…)

The Origins of the Wedding Dress & Shopping for the Perfect One

For many women their wedding dress will hold so much importance to them, that it is one of the few articles of clothing that is held onto until the end of their life. Many brides feel that their choice in a dress can either make or break their day, but the choice in the dress is totally dependent on your views, religious, social, and culturally. But where does the dress originate? And how do you choose the perfect one?


Neo-Pagan Wedding

Pagan Wiccan Weddings for Your Christian Family. Blessed be, Dear Lovebirds. Trying to have a respectable pagan ceremony with relatives that are Christian or of another path can often be challenging, But never fear, Rev Pam is here. (more…)

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Private & Romantic, Elope

Elope to Chicagoland and you will have to fun of the Windy City, and the private and romantic memories of getting married at Pine Manor. (more…)

Winter Wedding Ideas

Wonderful Winter Wedding Ideas. Wedding bells ring, are you listening. In the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight. We’re happy tonight. Walking in a winter wonderland. If this song makes you giddy, maybe a winter wedding would be perfect for you. For the biggest winter wedding trends and our suggestions on what to choose keep on reading. (more…)

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

 Where did this tradition come from? and Why Blue?  (more…)

jump he broom with blessed sacred items

New Handmade Brooms to Jump

The jump the broom ritual is an amazing addition to any wedding ceremony, regardless of faith, as symbolically the broom represents the sweeping away of the old and the welcoming of the new. But where do you buy the broom? Rev Pam has the solution… (more…)

The Bread & Salt Tradition of Poland

When it comes to an age old world traditions, the sharing of the bread, salt, and wine in Poland dates far back into their history. (more…)


The Wedding Vendor List

All of Chicago’s Best Wedding Vendors In One Place!   Your One Stop Shop for Everything You Need to Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams.


13 Coins Wedding Tradition

Originating in Spain, the 13 coins wedding tradition symbolizes Christ and his 12 apostles. This wedding tradition is usually associated with Hispanic families and involves the groom giving the coins (either gold or silver) to his bride. (more…)

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God’s Knot Wedding Ritual

INTERFAITH A beautiful (Christian) ritual but could represent any Deity /God that can easily be added into any wedding ceremony, the Gods knot is a symbolic ritual showing the individual is stronger with God at the center of the marriage. (more…)

Engraved Wine Glasses and Toasting Reception

CLINK CLINK CLINK. The iconic sound of silverware being hit against the glasses of wine echo through the room. Everyone stops in awe, announcements will be made and stories will be shared. Wine toasts during wedding receptions can be an iconic moment, and what a better way to remember them other than having personalized engraved wine glasses.


Large Guest Lists Out, Intimate Weddings In

Keep your friends close and your family closer. Right now, small intimate weddings are the rave. However this wedding trend in not a fad and is sure to stick around. Modern couples are looking for something more unique and personal when it comes to tying the knot. (more…)


Wedding Vow Ideas – Lets Get Creative

This is an on-going post of cool wedding vows and wedding vow ideas. (more…)

Your Secret Armor of Wedding Protection from the Zika Virus

While your chance of getting the Zika virus, in the Chicagoland area where we serve, are limited, traveling afterwards might require extra protection. (more…)

Wedding Candy Ideas That Your Guests Will Just Eat Right Up!

So we can all probably admit that we all have a sweet tooth in one way or another, wether we have cravings for ice cream, or candies, chocolates or things that make our cheeks pucker. Now some of us might want to leave these types of things out on our big day, but for those of us who are children at heart or just want to enjoy a kick of sugar to keep the party going, check out these great ideas on how to make your wedding day, extra sweet. (more…)


Wedding Trending: It’s All About the Guys

Different sex couples are switching traditional planning roles and the guy is getting more involved. We’re quickly finding that they often have the power to make  a bride-zilla a pleasant person to work with, they will seem like an look like an angel in comparison. (more…)

LGBT Wedding Trends

LGBT Wedding Trends We Are Seeing At Pine Manor – June was LGBT Pride Month — and now can be the perfect time to come together with friends and family to celebrate marriage equality, possible your own marriage, and to support those who have lost their lives. (more…)

How to get Married Fast in Chicago

Wondering where to get married in Chicago? Wondering where to get married quick? Get your licence today, and you can be saying your marriage vows tomorrow. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE (more…)


Midwest Wedding Destination Intimate and Fun at Pine Manor Chicago

Romantic, beautiful, 5 star and FUN! Plan a destination wedding on a limited budget in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. Pine Manor, A totally different wedding experience. (more…)