2nd Marriage

What about the kids? How to Incorporate Kids in your Ceremony

Not only are you maNo mater how old your kids are, getting married again will effect them. But most expecially if they are living in the house with you.  You want them to understand that this is a new family now,made new with the special ceremony, will include them. I often include a comment after vows and rings which calls out the new family by name. Giving your child the opportunity to actively participate in the making of this new family will help establish bonds and commitments between all members of your combined family. For children whose parent’s are LGBTQ or have been together for a long time might be extra eager to be part of the celebration of this important family milestone. Reading or singing s song, or giving them an opportunity to speak to each of you during the ceremony can be a heart-felt way to incoude older or adult children.king a promise to each other, but you are also making a promise your your daughter, Suzanne, to build a new family together…

Ideas to include children in a wedding ceremony.

Many ritual can be added to your ceremony to include the kids.

  1. Flower Girls and Ring Bearers are the most popular way to incorporate the kids, and also can be the most precious part of the wedding
  2. The Kids could “tie the knot” handfastingwedding.com when you’re pronounced married
    1. you could make the cord (7 feet long) together as a family project
  3. Light a family unity candle all lighting the center andle togehter and exstinguishing the individual candles

  4. Unity Candle with family lighting.the bride and groom light a single candle together. Then, they use that candle to light the candle for each of your children, then start spreading the flame to the rest of the guests.

  5. Family unity sand ceremony
  6. Release a helium balloon for each family member together
  7. incorporate children’s vows / family vows or questions into the ceremony
    1. will you love and care for eachother – we will
    2. Say vows to your child about being a family where both birth parent and step-parent can speak from the heart.
  8. Have the kids in the processional, carry signs. My Mom and & are marring John
  9. Have your child walk you down the aisle, or give you away,

    Make them bridesmaids and groomsmen

  10. Do a family painting ritual during the ceremony.  Every marriage starts out clean and new, with the excitement that anything is possible. Just like a painter looks at a blank canvas and, just like that painter, every day this family will create their future together and add color with every experience they have in their married life together.
  11. Large family / Flower Ritual. line the family members up along the white carpet. each of them with one or two flowers. While the bride walks toward her groom, they could hand her the flowers. By the time she gets to the altar, she has her bridal bouquet!
  12. sibling vows: Gabriel, do you take Evan to be your brother?” Gabriel: “Yes.”  “From today on you are officially brothers. A special bond that only you two will share. you will grow together, play together, and share your mom and dad with one another,
  13. Give your child a gift that symbolizes your new family.
    1. Present your kids with a ring, necklace or ring on a necklace as part of the ring exchange
  14. Have a group hug after the pronouncement kiss
  15. Be introduced as a couple and as a family using the children’s names