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Minimalist Wedding

When Less is More at Pine Manor Small Wedding Ideas, a minimalist wedding in Chicago. With all the headaches that come with planning your wedding, it’s easy to forget what your wedding day is really about  “the intimate moment where you exchange your promises for a new life together.” (more…)


A Wedding Ceremony For Long Time LGBT Partners

Wedding Ceremony Samples. I write several ceremonies every week and work hard to personalize them for the couple. I have had the honor of writing and performing several of those weddings for long-time partners who now can be legally joined in marriage. I hope by sharing these exerts of wedding ceremonies it will give you ideas for your wedding. (more…)

Honeymoon A tradition or a Must?

Why do people go on honeymoons?  After the wedding bells have rung, the cake has been eaten, the vows have been made, and the guests have gone, what is left to do?  Honeymoon of course.  Couples go on a honeymoon as a celebration of their marriage.  It can be seen as the grand finale or the icing on the cake to the wedding celebration.  But theres more…


Bride over threshold

The custom of the groom carrying the bride over the threshold is a very old one. As rumor would have it, traditional European weddings were followed by bride kidnappings.  So it was customary for the groom to whisk away with his bride and to hold her close so that no one could kidnap her.


Ring Origin

The French believed the blood vein on the left hand ring finger was the only vein directly to the heart that’s why we wear the wedding ring on our left hand.


Ring Warming

Having a ring warming in your wedding is a wonderful way to involve all of your guests in your wedding ceremony. A ring warming is when each of your guests gets the opportunity to hold your wedding bands and bless it with a prayer for a long and healthy marriage.  This loving tradition dates back to the continent of Africa in the country of Egypt.


Bouquet History

It is traditional for the bride to throw her bouquet at the reception and for all single women in attendance to try to catching it. Tradition states that the lucky woman who catches the bouquet is said to be the next in line to get married.


Eat Cake!

A wedding cake is often the centerpiece of a wedding and is usually placed where guests can admire it. This carefully planned masterpiece is a tradition going back to Medieval times.


No Rice Allowed

The rice toss originated as a way to wish the newlywed couple a good harvest, but there are so many other creative, fun, and eco-friendly ways to revamp the tradition.  Here are some ideas for your guests to send you off after you and your new spouse say “I do.”


History of The Veil

According to The Bride & Groom not Seeing Each Other Before the Ceremony comes to us from Jewish tradition.  But there’s more…


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Equinox Wedding

The flowers begin to bloom, the birds begin to chirp,  and there is a longer period of daylight (so it seems).  That’s the beauty of spring!  Particularly within the Vernal Equinox, which happens at the beginning of spring, so the day and night are equally long but it might seem like the daylight is slightly longer then the night.


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2nd Marriage

What about the kids? How to Incorporate Kids in your Ceremony


Get Your Guests Involved

Sparkling Ideas

Sparkling Ideas for your ceremony – Photography are the memories you create for everyone, even after your gone!


Chicago Ceremony Language

Something Old, Something New….

Have you ever heard of the saying: Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.  Sounds intriguing but what does it mean?  (more…)

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Garden vs Courthouse?

A Garden Wedding Is Better Than A Courthouse Ceremony Any Day!

Even if it rains! The wedding ceremony only takes a few minutes… but what you remember is the story your telling at your 50th wedding anniversary. It’s well worth the investment to find a little wedding venue  (more…)

Get Married On Mother’s Day

A Mother’s Day Wedding – A way to Honor Your Moms  I know you’re getting married, but your mom is just as excited and emotional. And if she’s not yet… just wait til your wedding day. You are moving on to a brand new experience, but your mom is left behind, with an empty room and your childhood toys.


Tie The Knot

Wedding Ceremony Tradition – Handfasting  Don’t just get married – Tie The knot! Today, more and more couples are looking for a way to express a deeper commitment to each other.


A true success story, Rev Pam marries this lesbian couple after being together for 30 years

A Love Story

Norma Kartes & Karen Diedrich, a lesbian couple were married by Chicago wedding officiant, Rev Pamela in a intimate garden ceremony at Pine Manor Chicago after being together 30 years in June of 2014. The video shows the honeysuckle archway, and the couples first bite of wedding cake as a legally married couple.

Legally married after 30 years – a Chicago LGBT love story.


My Wedding Veil

Where did the wedding veil tradition come from? Rev Pam researches wedding traditions and brings posts the truth about the origins. Beautiful customs from around the world, traditions and ideas to personalize and create the perfect and unique wedding ceremony ritual. (more…)

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Flowers by Rev Pam

Bridal Party Discount Florist, Rev Pam Makes Wedding Flowers  Your location, or plan your small wedding at Rev Pam’s private manor garden location in Chicago’s NW suburbs. Beautiful hand-tied bridal  bouquets and grooms boutonnieres, flowers at a discount. (more…)