Sparkling Ideas

Sparkling Ideas for your ceremony – Photography are the memories you create for everyone, even after your gone!

Sparkler Kiss, Evening Send- off, winter wedding when it gets dark faster, lots-a kids? Adults who like being kids… anyway you look at it adding sparklers to your wedding ceremony or reception is cool. and cheap. u do to make that “good bye” to the newlyweds a special moment.

Dark Winter Weddings

Get Guests Involved

When I host weddings here at at my home, Pine Manor, I very often have a fire in the backyard, and we use glow stick bracelets on the tree branches which create a cool little glowing circles in the flower garden (5 for a dollar at dollar tree-grins)

But when I saw this… I can’t help it.  I want to do this at every wedding. The costs is hardly nothing and you’re already paying the photo guy – What a perfect evening photo collection especially for a small wedding where you can get everyone involved with the photo, and that means you get everyone in on the memories. And so many opportunities for options. Walk under a line of sparklers held over the couple’s head. Writing in the sky could be a heart around the couple. Love spelled out by the bridal party. And this kiss photo, kudos to Ruth Anne Photography.

Adding simple things to get great photos is easy, and inexpensive… as our sparler photos show. Have fun – you can even find sparkling cake topper…