Define “Husband”

Where did the word “Husband” come from?  Band… Wedding Ring… NOPE! That would have been my guess too.  Although the wedding ring has been a tradition for 6000 years. The history of the word husband is all about the Vikings!

define husband. If you love the vikings or watching the History Channel’s 5th season of Vikings.. one of my personal favorites. You’ll love this one.  The vikings have given us so many words in our language we don’t even realize it.  The “word experts” from the TV show America’s Secret Slag say if you examine the top 100 words normally said in english about 20 of these would be from old norsk language adapted from the Vikings who farmed england Awkward = comes from awk viking slang for wrong way. ransacked, skull, cake, anger, birth, give, muggy, take, leg, bag, ugly are all derived from old norsk language of the Vikings.


so where does husand come from. Well Hus= house. Bondi = farmer  so HUSBAND means “HOUSE FARMER” This referred to the Vikings who settled England and farmed there in the 8th century.  Most of the farmers owned their land too so they were good marrying material. Many husbandi’s got married to English women, and by the late 13th century husbandi became husband and it meant a married man.


on the other hand is an english word meaning ‘WONAM” nothing to do with  marriage at all

also interestingly enough bluetooth comes from a Viking guy and his initials were runs combines to make the symbol.