Equinox Wedding

The flowers begin to bloom, the birds begin to chirp,  and there is a longer period of daylight (so it seems).  That’s the beauty of spring!  Particularly within the Vernal Equinox, which happens at the beginning of spring, so the day and night are equally long but it might seem like the daylight is slightly longer then the night.

The equality of the day and night also meaning the equality of the spouses and their equal significance in the relationship also makes many people choose this date, hoping that their marriage will go under the wonderful spell of the equinox.  Spring time also means new beginnings or new birth.  This is a great time for couples to get married because of the symbolism of a new beginning and a new life that you will start with your partner.

If you think getting married in the spring is not all what it’s cracked up to be, theknot.com came up with a few myth busters to keep you from changing your mind.  In no particular order.

1. You need flowers everywhere
Spring time means flowers are blooming everywhere but it doesn’t mean you need to incorporate this in your wedding (if you don’t want to).  theknot.com explains that one way is to incorporate other natural elements, like moss, wheatgrass, river rocks or fresh herbs. These natural details will still evoke a spring-like lushness without an abundance of petals.

2. You can only use pastel colors
Who says that is the case? Make up your own rules by using whatever color combination you want to use.  If you still feel you need to incorporate pastels theknot.com says to vamp up typical pastels by choosing their updated, more vibrant versions (think: bright coral, yellow-green or violet).

3. You have to have a daytime wedding
This is so cliche’ it’s ok to be unconventional. It’s ok to be different.  Some couples prefer an evening wedding, especially if their wedding has to take place during the week.  This is a great way to include guests that otherwise would not have been able to attend during the day.

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