The Handfasting Tradition

Handfasting, what exactly is it?  When you hear someone say – they are going to tie the knot… why do we know its a wedding?

Handfasting comes from the Neopaganism and Wicca beliefs and it can be referred to as a temporary wedding which can be dated all the way back to Scottish traditional history.  In the historical Neopaganism and Wicca culture, once a handfasting ceremony has been preformed the vows taken can last for as long as a year and a day.  It’s kind of like a trial period, and after that time is up, if the couple chooses it can be for the remainder of the couple’s  lives.

On the website,  it explains the process of getting handfasted at Pine Manor located in Mount Prospect, Illinois, where wedding officiant Rev Pam hosts a beautiful  and romantic ceremony that incorporates tying the knot using custom made blessed handfasting cords.  The intricate detail of the cord includes colors that are selected by the couple according to their magickal properties and powers of good luck for the couple’s future.   Prayers are marked with beads and charms denoted on an accompanying copy of the ritual.

In this day and age more couples are looking for a way to express a deeper commitment to each other. Handfasting can be included in your ceremony if you have been married before and want your new partner to know a greater level of commitment.  Handfasting can also be included in your ceremony if you have children from another marriage and want your kids to feel like part of the ceremony.

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