Going the extra mile

We can’t begin to say enough good things about Reverend Pamela!  She was so warm and friendly – from the first time I contacted her all the way through our ceremony and after.  It’s so easy to see that she loves what she does and takes each and every couple into her heart!  She’s really amazing – going the extra mile that people just tend not to do any more.  I won’t disclose all the details so that other couples can be pleasantly surprised by the little touches she adds.  I will tell you that everything she does is first-class all the way – my bouquet was gorgeous and would have cost at least half of what our total ceremony cost!  We are an interracial couple so she even decorated an old-fashioned broom with flowers that matched my bouquet so we could ‘jump the broom’.  She provided us with a beautiful laminated copy of our wedding vows – something we will cherish always.  Her home and garden are beautiful with lots of special places for photos.  She’s a talented photographer, catching some real cute spontaneous photos as well as posed photos.  We are a more mature couple, both having been married before, but she treated us like we were a young couple – the blushing bride and the dashing new husband! LOL!  She’s great!  We would recommend her to anyone who asked!  We love you Reverend Pamela!  Thank you so much for all you did to make our day really, really special!

She Goes Out Of Her Way!


We can not say enough good things about Rev. Pamela! She’s an amazing, warm, loving, thoughtful, and professional woman who is very good at what she does and clearly loves it! She seems almost as happy about your ceremony as you feel yourself. She goes out of her way to do lots of little, thoughtful things to make your day special – I won’t go into detail as I want others to be as pleasantly surprised as we were. She made my bouquet and it was gorgeous! It would have cost us half as much as the entire ceremony cost if we had purchased it at a local florist. She did a fantastic job tying the ribbons that created the bouquet’s ‘handle’. She did so many nice things and you could really tell her heart was totally into making our ceremony special. We can not recommend her highly enough to anyone considering a wedding/civil union ceremony in the Chicago area!

L.A. Murphy, 10/15/2013 Dex Knows

We Can’t Begin To Say Enough

We can’t begin to say enough good things about Reverend Pamela. She’s warm, caring, loving – taking each couple into her very heart! She cares that you have a good experience and goes the extra mile in every way to make sure that all the little details are taken care of – adding numerous “extras” that we never expected. Continue reading We Can’t Begin To Say Enough