Rainy Wedding Day

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Personalized ceremony exactly how we wanted

I had a wonderful time yesterday marring a couple who have fast become some of my favorite people. Congratulations to Elvis García and Christopher Saale who I married last night at the McCormick Bridge house Chicago River Museum.

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Honeymoon A tradition or a Must?

Why do people go on honeymoons?  After the wedding bells have rung, the cake has been eaten, the vows have been made, and the guests have gone, what is left to do?  Honeymoon of course.  Couples go on a honeymoon as a celebration of their marriage.  It can be seen as the grand finale or the icing on the cake to the wedding celebration.  But theres more…

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Bride over threshold

The custom of the groom carrying the bride over the threshold is a very old one. As rumor would have it, traditional European weddings were followed by bride kidnappings.  So it was customary for the groom to whisk away with his bride and to hold her close so that no one could kidnap her.

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Ring Warming

Having a ring warming in your wedding is a wonderful way to involve all of your guests in your wedding ceremony. A ring warming is when each of your guests gets the opportunity to hold your wedding bands and bless it with a prayer for a long and healthy marriage.  This loving tradition dates back to the continent of Africa in the country of Egypt.

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Bouquet History

It is traditional for the bride to throw her bouquet at the reception and for all single women in attendance to try to catching it. Tradition states that the lucky woman who catches the bouquet is said to be the next in line to get married.

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If you want a small ceremony that’s affordable, this is the place to call.

First I want to say how great Rev. Pam was! She was able to accommodate our Muslim wedding and even found an Imam to marry us.  Continue reading If you want a small ceremony that’s affordable, this is the place to call.

Eat Cake!

A wedding cake is often the centerpiece of a wedding and is usually placed where guests can admire it. This carefully planned masterpiece is a tradition going back to Medieval times.

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