Boorman, Coughlin, and Forde Real Estate in Mt. Prospect Obtain Property for Busse Family – 1928

Warrant to: William Busse married to Dina Busse, of the village of Mt. Prospect, County of Cook

The Grantors, Ernestine Gadow Fox and Fred Fox, her husband, of the city of Chicago sells the area of the Pine Manor neighborhood and Meier’s Addition to William Busse and Dina. Subject the general taxes of 1926. On May 27, 1927. It was notarized by Albert E Busse and filed into the Cook County deeds office September 21, 1927. #37295. This is the land on both sides of the s-curves on Illinois Hwy 83 south. Pine Manor is block 3 lot 1.

Fox/Busse Warranty Deed
Detail of Fox/Busse Warranty Deed
Signature and Notary Page of Fox/Busse Warranty Deed

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