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420 S. Pine St. – Axel Lonnquist model home

The City of Progress. Mount Prospect, Illinois

Lonnquist’s Model Home at
420 S Pine Street

The house at 420 S. Pine St. was constructed in 1926 in the Cotswold Cottage style that was popular in American during the 1920s and 1930s.  This house was built as a model home for Axel Lonnquist’s development.  The coziness and pastoral ideals associated with the Cotswold style fit well with Lonnquist’s plans for a “model garden city suburb” in Mount Prospect.

Burt “Ben” Terpning

The first resident of this house was Bert Terpning, who was known as Ben because he hoped to be associated with the famous silent movie star of the period, Ben Terpning.  Terpning was the general superintendent of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway and a big supporter of the growth of Mount Prospect.  He served as president of the Mount Prospect Improvement Association, so it is fitting that he would live in the model home for Mount Prospect’s biggest improvement of the period.

Lonnquist Ad Promoting Development in Mt. Prospect

At the time this house was built, Mount Prospect was receiving a lot of recognition because of the plans that were devised by Lonnquist associated with this house and the surrounding land.  The town had adopted the slogan of “The City of Progress” in the 1920s and many town leaders felt that Lonnquist’s plan to create a “home city” for families to live and own land was the way to progress into the future.  These ideals would come to shape Mount Prospect in the future and allow it to become a place for families today.

Lonnquist Ad Promoting Progressive Mt. Prospect

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