Wedding Trending: It’s All About the Guys

Different sex couples are switching traditional planning roles and the guy is getting more involved. We’re quickly finding that they often have the power to make  a bride-zilla a pleasant person to work with, they will seem like an look like an angel in comparison. Guys are getting what they want now and no room for mistakes. Although they are only trying to get the best possible day, its time to start letting them have a few more choices. Pine manor makes all the planning easy and stress free with a fully online planning.

Interested in learning more in how you can pleasure your man a little more, or get him more involved? Check out a few of these ideas to give your man the wedding of his (and your) dreams.

  1. Man-Gagement Rings.

    Starting in the 1940’s things started to take an advancement for men’s fashion. Previously, wives were generally the only party that wore a wedding band, but who bride-groom-glassessays a diamond cant be a man’s best friend too. During WWII, being separated for long periods of time lead to an increase of men wearing rings as a way for both parties to keep each other forever on their mind. Today it is common practice that both husband and wife wear an engagement ring. The wedding trends now are towhite-minimalist-flowersboth have one or add jewels to the wedding band itself. Women aren’t the only ones who have options of how to style their rings. In the last five years, the marketplace has seen a huge spike in terms of the design options for men’s bands. Just like women’s, men’s bands now come in every shape, color and design. Don’t know exactly what is trending right now, or what you’d like personally? CLICK HERE to see whats been trending. When booking with pine manor you gain access to deals and discount on rings. For more information of this offer, check out THIS link. A quick sneak peek at rings can be seen below.


2. MAN-icures

If you’re thinking, “Manicures are only for girls.”  Then you’re in the wrong mindset. Men and women BOTH need to have their hands properly cared for. If you’re looking for a way elopment packages chicagoto give yourself this treatment at home, check out THIS link. Now, we’re not talking about gel manicures and French tips, unless of course that’s what you want, and in that case, you do you. A neat, trim appearance gives a polished look and helps round out the finer details in your appearance, and besides you want lovely nails when it’s time to show off your gorgeous rings. Proper nail and hand care is essential in order to achieve a polished look. Whether they say it or not, people do notice your hands, so it’s important to make sure they are always presentable. A trip to the nail salon could not only alert you to underlying health issues that may be brewing but also prompt you to put an end to pesky habits.

3. Groom’s Musical Entrance

It’s likely that you and your soon to be hubby have no doubt put a lot of thought into your
first dance song. But what if you knew there were more options then that when it comes garden-reception-dancingto music. One of your most important pieces of wedding music is the processional, and there are more solutions than the standard bridal march. You can have the groom walk down to a classical song, one of his favorites, or even have a violinist play a more wedding appropriate version. Let him have a little fun with what he wants live-violin-for-your-weddingto do, and besides you won’t be seeing how he walks, struts, or even dances down the isle as he eager awaits your official marriage. Pine Manor has a great sound system that you can add to your wedding package, and when you chose your songs, you’ll get them. With custom made set-lists and more your wedding can definitely be a place to drop some sick beats if that’s what you, or the hubby are into. If your interested in the violinist, we have deals with her too. CLICK HERE, to check that deal out.

4. Stylish Grooms

wedding-photoThe bride isn’t the only doing a mid-wedding wardrobe change these days. If you’ve got a guy who totally digs any type of fashion wardrobe changes, let him have at it, especially if your’re switching before your reception-photoreception as well. In 2016, some fashion-forward grooms are changing jackets for the reception, or freshening up their big day look with a different bow tie or pocket square, and we think this is great. Not only does this allow for a day to night look but allows everyone to show off a little more with their spectacularly fantastic fashion sense.

4. Guy bouquets or larger boutonnieres.

chicago-wedding-trendsTypically guys aren’t known for carrying flowers down the isle, but that does’t mean they shouldn’t. To not upstage the bride, the groom should look for a small bouquet in comparison to the bride, think the size of a bridesmaid bouquet. And if that’s not a compromise that you and you’re sweetey can reach, maybe give a try with a larger boutonniere. If you’re interested in bouquets, and boutonnieres made completely personalized, and to match your colors and preferences, Rev. Pam offers deals to make your flower arrangement for you. Curious to see? Click HERE.

5. Grooms Gifts.

If the soon to be wife leaves a little gift for the groom to open on their mrs-p-and-meday of their day of marriage, the man to be, and his groomsmen can stop by Mrs. P & me for a 15% discount on a little lunch or a light drink and a final chance to relax before the big moment. This also offers the perfect chance for each of you to write letters to one another to express how excited you are, how happy, and what they mean to you. For more information on this discount click HERE.

6. Man Band

Surprising your fiancé by introducing his favorite local band to play for an hour during the reception would be a great treat to give to your husband. This is especially memorable if you have seen the concert before together, met at one, or was a summer favorite that you have like to do these past few year. Whatever it is, this gesture can really show your guy, “Hey, I really love, and appreciate everything you’ve done for me, so this one, its for you.”

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