Honey Wedding Ceremony and Tradition

Aaaaah the wonderful sweet taste of honey.  Some couples are incorporating this sweet tradition in their weddings and make their first kiss ” As sweet as honey”.

According to perfectweddingguide.com; during the ceremony it is expected  for the bride and groom to each dip a finger into and then are invited to taste the sweetness of the honey. This symbolizes how sweet you vow to be to each other every day of your marriage.
Then, on your annual anniversary, you can each taste and make sweet confections with the honey used a year ago and renew your promise to your partner as a reflection of your wedding vows.  This is just an example of what some couples are doing to keep with the tradition or to simply start a new tradition of their own.
At Pine Manor our honey is taken from the honeysuckle grown on the property.  The ceremony Rev Pam has written, can be used to purify and bless the couple’s first kiss, by rubbing the real honey from the flower onto their lips before they seal their vows with the kiss. The flowers could be picked by an important family member, or the couple themselves. The ceremony language speaks of cleansing the couple’s pallet giving them a sweet taste blessing they will have a sweet future.
The honeysuckle at Pine Manor was planted in 2007 and was imported from a Glastonbury England bed and breakfast that  overlooks the sacred site of Avalon and the magickal Chalice Well. The plant blooms religiously the beginning of June with an orange yellow flower. But, with this particular strain, it blooms again a red flower in the fall when it is said King Arthur was killed.
Performing this ceremony is very special and is only enjoyed by a few guests every year as it can ONLY be performed in the month of June.  The sweet juice from the Pine Manor plant are said to be magickal and healing.
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