LGBT Wedding Trends

LGBT Wedding Trends We Are Seeing At Pine Manor – June was LGBT Pride Month — and now can be the perfect time to come together with friends and family to celebrate marriage equality, possible your own marriage, and to support those who have lost their lives.
Gay marriage has been legal in all states since 2014, and since then same-sex couples’ weddings and engagements have been receiving recognition for their right to happen — and boy, do they deserve it. We’ve spotted some trends we absolutely love and think every straight couple should adopt, pronto. Read on to discover our top six! Rev Pam has been marring same sex couples for years, and has noticed trends.

1. Leaving the names as-is:

how to get married in chicago illinois cook county todayAlthough this has been kind of taboo in some cultures, that feeling has quickly faded and not changing your name is a very popular option that you can choose for yourself. Other benefits of this option are: less paperwork to change you name on, modern, removes gender roles/bias. To read more about name changing options check THIS out.

2. Skyping the ceremony live video feed:skype-your-wedding-ceremony

This is a great option for anyone who has family far away that just couldn’t make their wedding. This great way to make everyone feel apart of the wedding even when they cannot physically be there for the couple is an available add on to your wedding package.

3. Ring Warming:

white-minimalist-flowersThis trend is for more than just spiritual believers. It is for those who want to involve their guest more in the ceremony. With the tradition of ring warmings, guest are able to place their love and thoughts into the rings of the couple before they place it on their fingers. To read more about his trend, CLICK HERE.

4. Mixed-Gender Wedding Parties

Bridesmaids have started breaking more and more rules lately, from nonmixed-gender-wedding-party matching dresses, to adding their own personal touches. This is just another trend to add to that. While a mixed gender wedding party stays further from traditional, in becomes a more personalized event. If either one of you has a best friend that isn’t the same sex, a mixed gender wedding party allows you to do just that. In this day ad age there is no need t compromise. Include the friends that you like best, and don’t be afraid to stray from tradition.

5. Both partners wearing an engagement ring.

While “man-gagement rings” (read all about it HERE) have become a very popular long-time-partners-marrytrend among celebrity couple, this trend has been in the LGBTQ+ community for years, even before same-sex marriage became legal. Often, partners wore the ring to symbolize their desire to be together although they couldn’t do so legally yet. And now that gay marriage is legal, couple are exchanging rings before the big day and adding on an additional ring when their big day arrives. Why should brides get to have all the bling-y fun? Whoever said that diamonds weren’t a man’s best friend. Interested in seeing what type of bling our partners offer? Check out our Pine Perk HERE

6. Choosing LGBT-friendly vendors. 

Just because the law has changed doesn’t mean this has become a trend, but a necessity to same-sex couple. If you’re a straight couple it is important to choose a venue that supports same-sex couples, especially if you are a LGBT ally. If you wouldn’t support a business that would serve your transgender sister, or your gay cousin, you should expect the same from your wedding venue. Pine Manor has been serving same-sex couples since forever, and that will always be the case. Put your money where your values are and ask potential vendors their policies on serving same-sex couples before signing on the dotted line.

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