Location Wedding of Elvis Garcia and Christopher Saale, married on July 16th 2016

Congratulations to the absolutely wonderful couple of Elvis García and Christopher Saale. These two sweethearts were married at an on location wedding venue by Rev. Pam on July 16th 2016 at 6 o’clock pm during an on location wedding at the McCormick Bridge house Chicago River Museum. Their guests had a wonderful time celebrating the love shared between these two.Their color scheme included blues, white and natural green accents. All of the colors came together for a stunning, non-traditional, and yet still very classy look. Their cake, which was  covered in a thin layer of blue frosting made for a modern take, for a modern couple.  Many thanks to their day-of-wedding-coordinator Nichole from XOEventCompany.com, and the catering by Scott Fiero TriStarCatering.com all flowed together perfectly for both delicious food and happy guests. The personal aspects that this couple included made for a splendid night. Interested in reading more about their wedding day? CLICK HERE to see the full story and photos. And check out this website to book your own on-location wedding officiant: http://ilweddingofficiant.com/