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When Less is More at Pine Manor Small Wedding Ideas, a minimalist wedding in Chicago. With all the headaches that come with planning your wedding, it’s easy to forget what your wedding day is really about  “the intimate moment where you exchange your promises for a new life together.”

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Lovebirds often get caught up in the stress and to-dos which can be overwhelming. And before you know it your wedding is an expensive staged production and has lost the romantic intimacy and personal touches you hoped for.

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Taking a minimalist wedding approach, is not the expensive show-off wedding and reception for 300 guests. It’s about creating an intimate, simple and natural atmosphere that allows you two to be yourselves, focus on your love, and the promises you are making to each other. No complicated distractions. No bling. Notice the clear dish wear. No color.

A minimalism wedding is not only about getting rid of the unnecessary extras, or keeping the costs down, but implementing the philosophy eliminating all unessential things from your life, which including stress and unwanted negative feelings associated with daily life. This life-path then, allows you to focus on what truly matters to you. And for a lot of minimalists, reducing the wedding size to 30 or less is a huge part of the answer. Simple, stress free and exchanging vows in an intimate setting surrounded by the ones who actually know you, support you, and want to see your marriage a success is the

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When you get rid of everything you just don’t need in your life, your wedding day becomes simple and real. Its about your  love and what you want to say to each other as you  become  a legally married couple. A minimalist wedding prospective allows you the room for the things you really want for your wedding day and sets up the special, personal touches that help create that spiritual atmosphere you want  when you  exchange your vows and a memorable moment  for your guests.

In Chicago a real minimalist wedding is hard to find. City loft and country club venues are high priced and can’t pull off the real intimate and personal touches sought in a minimalist wedding. However, one unique all-inclusive venue run by Chicago wedding officiant Rev Pam has eliminated the stress from small wedding planning by opening her private home, Pine Manor, and personally hots minimalist weddings.

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Chicagos only wedding venue that is the ministers private home and garden as an authentic minimalist and pagan friendly small wedding venue The historic Pine Manor is located in Cook County Illinois just minutes from O’Hare International Airport, the Arlington Park race track and the Rivers Casino, Country Inn and Suites partner hotel, and the Metra Train to Chicago’s city loop. The only one of it’s kind, Pine Manor weddings affords an intimate and authentic home elegance, perfect for the minimalist’s simple dream wedding. Rev Pam writes and performs the ceremonies as well as hosts the reception tailored exactly to your persona beliefs, personalities and desires. Rev Pam coined the phrase in Chicago “Your Wedding Your Way”!  She has worked years in the LGBT community and is an Interfaith and Pagan wedding officiant. Pine Manor opened in 2011, the home serves as a quick late night wedding chapel and has earned five star ratings from hundreds of couples. MyWeddingReviews.com 

Suburban hospitality and the 1920s charm of the home is enhanced with romantic touches, like;  simple place settings, clear glass dishes, home-made buffet dining, white table clothes, candles and a simple, but amazing drape over the outside garden wedding arch.

And what about the ceremony itself? Rev Pam is noted for writing magickal ceremonies that sets the stage for your intimate moment. Ring warming ceremonies and handfasting ceremonies are often written into the ceremony to enhance the magical energies during the nuptials, incorporating the guests love the prayers into the moment.

Chicago has many look-a-like venue packages, but no one offers the ChicagoWeddingPackages.com Pine Manor Weddings does.  And if your wedding guest list exceeds the 30  person limit at the manor, Rev Pam has made arrangements on PinePERKS.com with a partner venue who can serve the couple with up to 300 guests. Plus, Rev Pam includes her wedding officiation in every package, makes the bridal bouquet and bridal party flowers personally herself, and has arranged a minimalist wedding dress and accessories company TOP WEDDING, minimalist style wedding cake and overnight hotel accommodations with breakfast saving the couple by keeping it simple.

Contact Rev Pam at SmallIntimateWeddings.com 847-873-7463

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5Star & Award winning this wedding officiant coined the phrase “Your Wedding YOUR Way” Travels 5 states to perform ceremony or couples wishing to elope or have a small proivate ceremony can get married in the Rev's provate home, Pine Manor. 1920's charm and suburban hospitality, the property has a romantic garden ceremony reception area for up to 30. Same Sex and All denominations welcomed since... 'ALWAYS!"