Mrs. P & Me Restaurant and Bar

Mrs P & Me has a long history in the Mt Prospect area.  This 1920’s restaurant and bar has been serving residents for nearly 100 years. Now. Mrs. P and Me has partnered with Rev Pam to offer a special discount to all of her wedding couples and their guests for dinner and after party events.

Mrs. P and Me is Pine Manor’s wedding partner for dinner and after party events – 15% off for Rev Pam’s couples!

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Krause’s Tavern circa 1920

Welcome to Mrs. P And Me 100 East Prospect Ave.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

Kruse’s tavern was an institution in Mount Prospect for over 50 years. The building housed the first restaurant in town, Behern’s Saloon, which began in the late nineteenth century and is conveniently located next to the train station.  During Prohibition it became an ice cream parlor and lunch counter. Behern was not as excited about running an ice cream store and he sold it to William and Sophie Kruse in 1923. They ran a small sandwich shop and also sold homemade ice cream and candies. With the repeal of prohibition in 1933 William and Sophie’s son, Henry Kruse renovated it and turned it into a tavern. The family ran it trough most of the development of Mount Prospect until it was eventually sold in 1977 to Denis and Lynn Miller. The Miller’s did some renovations but left most of the tavern intact and opened it as Mrs. P and Me’s, which is still open today. 

Today, Mrs P and Me is where the past greets the present in an atmosphere of 1920s nostalgia and the aroma of a delicious menu. The tradition began in 1902, when Henry Behrens opened a bar and restaurant on this location and where early twentieth century patrons enjoyed the local hospitality. Much remains of the old days, including the original bar and an array of Mount Prospect memorabilia.

Dennis Miller took over in 1977 and renamed the restaurant to Mrs. P And Me; the “P” standing for his hometown of Pittsburgh. Much remains of the old days, including the original bar and an array of Mount Prospect memorabilia. With their acquisition in 2004, three Mount Prospect residents fulfilled their dream and acquired Mrs. P And Me, pledging to carry on the century old traditions throughout the 21st century.

Mrs. P & Me Dining Room
Mrs. P & Me outdoor seating

Step back in time for a great time today!