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Two Must See Videos That Will Give You Hope!

COVID-19 Can Make Us Better People! To be perfectly transparent… I’m really not a social media kind-a-person. And over the last several weeks finding ways to share fellowship with friends and family has been an adjustment to be sure… with a huge learning curve for me.

Sharing memes and videos isn’t really my thing. But now I’m working out over Skype with friends every morning, playing games with family in other states over Zoom meetings and watching YouTube videos that friends have shared. These are two videos that are my favorite. I hope you find them as uplifting as I did. I watch them over and over.

This first video made me cry. I saw my vision of the world, just for a few minutes through this song… collaborating with everyone all around the world. Hearing the cry of the Lakota singer made me want to be with my second family in South Dakota. Reading the profound words of a man who’s music fueled a generation. Jimi you were right all along!

All Along The Watchtower | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

This next one… Favorite band, Disturbed. Their remake of the classic Simon & Garfunkel ‘sound of silence’ with images from Chicago. Disturbing… but so photographic… brilliant imagery. I am personally found of every place shown here after yeas working / living down town. We will ALL want to remember this time as we move away from this pandemic… how we DO need to change our lives, how we socialize and interact with each other – for the better. We are all children of the same universe. Act like it!

Disturbed – Sound of Silence (World in lockdown due do Covid 19)

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