Nadia Thompson and Hakeem Adenle Married July 17th 2016

Congratulations to Nadia Thompson and Hakeem Adenle. This couple was stunning in both their traditional American wedding dresses as well as their cultural traditional wedding attire. Looking for something blue? Because this bride has just blown us away with her beautiful blue gown and her stunning beauty.These lovebirds were married at Pine Manor by Rev Pam on July 17th 2016 at 4 o’clock pm. They had the everything wedding package, which included invitations for all the guests, and 8 hours at the venue. When the bridal party first arrived they had the opportunity to sit down and eat a light lunch outside in the garden. It was a beautiful temperature with just a few clouds in the sky allowing for the perfect lighting for photos that afternoon. Their photographer that afternoon was a vibrant young man named Joey who was available from the time the bride arrived until they stepped out the door. Previously, in the weeks leading up to the day of their wedding, Rev. Pam worked with the couple to make their bouquets.

Using the colors of ivory, navy and coral as their inspiration she was able to create the bouquet of the bride and bridesmaids dreams. As the afternoon progressed and the guests arrived they had access to the beverage station, including coffees, hot chocolate, and cider. A fan favorite among the guests on this day was the ice cold lemonade. When it was time for the ceremony, the white carpet was rolled out, the couple had a personalized ceremony where they exchanged rings, and preformed the African wedding tradition of jumping the broom. In addition to this they received a personalized certificate of commitment and a keepsake from the ceremony. Bubbles were blown as an alternative to the throwing of rice and the took their “before” photos and celebrated with a wine toast among their friends and family. Following that they headed off to change into their more traditional outfits. For dinner, a full buffet was served with American dishes as well as traditional dishes brought by the family of the lovebirds. Their cake was in tune with their color scheme and provided by the Continental Bakery in Mt. Prospect. As the night progressed to a close the couple brought with them their personalized wedding glasses as the headed off to their discounted Country Inn hotel due to their Pine Perks Benefits. To view this wedding package and to book your own date, check out this website: