Neo-Pagan Wedding

Pagan Wiccan Weddings for Your Christian Family. Blessed be, Dear Lovebirds. Trying to have a respectable pagan ceremony with relatives that are Christian or of another path can often be challenging, But never fear, Rev Pam is here.

Rev Pam has written and performed countless pagan ceremonies for over 35 years, and the guests don’t walk away, warmed filled with love and blessings, and has earned all 5star reviews. Love is love, and calling the aspects of the quarters, smudging, water consecration are all Christian readapted traditions from the Ole’ way.

As a Daughter of Avalon, and study of Native American Shamanism, it comes easy to Rev Pam to blend, adapt and create original txt to magickal rites and serve the spiritual needs of her paga clients as well as take the stress away and the conflict of the family or guests.

A few Pagan rituals I love for everyone:

  1. ELEMENTAL QUARTER CALL – The attributes of Love. I have performed this pagan lite or with a challas and atheme, the language reflects everyone’s hope for the couple by describing the gifts from each element
  2. RING WARMING – Charging the Rings. No mater if you’re religious or not, this allows your guests, or a select list to holding the rings and warming them with their love before you exchange vows
  3. HANDFASTING – Tie The Knot. This ritual binds you to your promises and when the pronouncement comes someone special, maybe the kids “tie the knot”
  4. JUMP THE BROOM – Cleansing the path together. This ritual finds its origins in the Germanic gypsy who invaded Whales The boom is swept to cean away anything from the past the couple doesnt want in their future. Then they jump together with both feet – symbolic of the threshold

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