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Old Traditions – New Small Wedding Ideas


I just wanted to rekindle the love I have for tradition and to let you open your minds to how you could personalize any or all of these amazing traditions to help create a marriage ceremony ritual that really touches your heart… and the hearts of your guests too!

handfasting is a spiritual union
A handfasting is a spiritual union that binds you closer then any spoken word. The tradition coined the phrase: “Tie The Knot” which is still used to describe the wedding ceremony ritual today.
private handfasting small wedding elopement
Each cord I make in a prayer ceremony prior to the wedding. Praying for the good and health of the couple. Adding in their special requests and charms to mark the prayers along the way.

Why have your ceremony just the same as everyone else? I love incorporating family into a ceremony, and I love candle spells. Every religion on earth uses candles in some form for reverence and prayer… and I like the Unity symbolism I can tie in with the single flame. Not only uniting the “couple into one” or as I like to say it… two people working as one. But, because of your marriage several other relationships change too. A new family is formed.

unity candle ceremony at pine manor chicago
I make the Unity candles and write four prayers on a special paper and add them to the wax with a beautiful gem-stone added at the bottom for luck and protection for the couple.

Contact Rev Pam to incorporate your personal story into your wedding ceremony ritual. Maybe your parents light a candle? Maybe your children tie the knot? Maybe we haven’t talked yet? Text or call and let’s start a discussion of how we can make your ceremony as unique as you are!

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