Pine Manor Owners

Through property deeds and Cook County records we have the current land property ownership timeline for Pine Manor. We know the home was built in 1929 and was finished that August. 

Dated June 13, 1929, this picture shows the second floor of Pine Manor being built
  • 2002 Rev Pam purchased the manor and moved in on Summer solstice 2002.
  • 1999 Scott J Fizgerald & Ann Marie Nardi.  I purchased it from Scott J Fitzgerald and partner Ann, who were teachers and the ones responsible for changing the heating source in the home. A huge mistake all future owners will have to live with. They removed the boiler system and installed a furnace on the third floor. After my renovation, I installed a second furnace in the basement which now regulates the basement and main floor separate from upstairs.
  • 1997 Mary R Dotterer – the neighbor, Max whose house can be seen across Lincoln street used to talk about her day lilies, and she had Pine Manor on the house walk
  • 1986 Kevin P Mcauliffe ( Julie A Power of attorney 1993)
  • ____ Mavis V Storck
  • 1963 Robert Eichelman
  • 1953 Julius F Elman, whos son Jeff was very involved in national Boy Scouts and they held church circle and meeting at the manor South Community Baptist Church
  • 1954 March 18 Gustar M Bedurske & Ella his wife sold to Walter F Beck and Suzetta J Beck $3,000
  • 1969 May 7 Robert R Elchelman and Virginia L his wife, sold the home to Richard Wb Storck and Mavis V Storck $34,000
  • 1937  William T Mott and Wife Grace, one son. William was a Mount Prospect Trustee and chairman of DAMP
  • 1932 Aug 10 Josephine Driscoll purchased the manor at public auction. Courtcase B-224583 refinanced the home for $10,500.
  • 1929 Feb 16 Home Bank & Trust James M Boorman & Belle his wife, and Willian J Coughlin and Ella his wife $8,000
  • 1928 Dec 3 James M Boorman and William J Coughlin  purchased from the A Lonnquist Company Prospect Park Trust#1361
  • 1929 Alex Lonnquest Builder
  • 1928 December 10, 14th February 21, 20, March 8, 1929. William J Coughlin and Ella His wife, and James M Boorman and Belle his wife convey and warant to Boorman, Coughlin, and forde Real Estates and Improvement Corporation, lots 1-24 block 3 ( pine manor is lot #1)
  • 1928 May 14 George Meier & Sophie Busse first home owners sold to Gustav M Bedurske & Ella his wife. Lot 1 Block 3 in Meiers addition
  • 1927 Fredrick Schafer, Land Owner, whom with George Weier the land owner north of Hwy83 gave permission for Mr Busse to implement his proposed s-curve highway
  • 1927 May 27 I must admit I am having trouble following this paperwork. There is a fast paced exchange of hands from 1926-29 with multiple trusts and deeds.  I have included on Land Deeded To William and Dina Busse post scans of the paperwork.  I believe the two families who owned the land of my neighborhood were Ernestine Gadow Fox and Fred Fox, her husband. .