Your Secret Armor of Wedding Protection from the Zika Virus

While your chance of getting the Zika virus, in the Chicagoland area where we serve, are limited, traveling afterwards might require extra protection.So you’re getting ready to get married, but you’re worried about this Zika virus that everyone is talking about. Well let’s just brief you really quickly on everything that you need to know about how to protect both you, your soon to be spouse, and you’re guests on your big day.

Q1: What areas of the United States are affected by the Zika Virus?

A1: Every state in the United States, except for 4, have had cases of the Zika virus reported, but at a very minimal amount, your chances of acquiring are very rare, but if your interested in seeing where its been found, check out THIS map.

Q2: How can I protect myself and guests best?

A2:  According to the Environmental working group, EWG, there are a couple different options when it comes to choosing a bug spray. According to their website, these are your best options.

Most effective

  • DEET (20-30 percent concentration)
  • Picaridin (20 percent concentration)
  • IR 3535 (20 percent concentration)


Less effective

  • Oil of lemon eucalyptus


Not effective

  • Vitamin B1 patches
  • Essential oils

Some essential oils may work for short periods, but others are ineffective against Aedes mosquitoes. Due to the serious risks posed by Zika, EWG does not recommend blends of essential oils for people at risk of mosquito-borne infection.

Q3: What honeymoon locations are the most dangerous?

A3: If you’re looking to travel out of the country after you say your I Do’s make sure that your, number one, being careful, and two, either bringing extra caution and bug spray or avoiding these popular destinations.

  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Puerto Rico
  • Jamaica

If your looking for more information from the CDC on which travel locations may be dangerous, especially if you are pregnant, check out their website, HERE.

If you’re still looking for more information on tips on how to stay safe and protect everyone at your wedding, check out THIS tip sheet from the EWG.

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