Rainy Wedding Day

Rain symbolizes blessings, cleansing, unity, and a new day. In some cultures it is also a symbol of fertility. Due to these positive things, a rainy wedding day is very often considered good.
With rain being considered as good luck on weddings, the only thing left to do is to prepare for the occasion, if it were to be the case. Besides, rainy wedding days make for beautiful wedding photos. It’s not your average standard wedding photography. You will have wonderful stories to tell as well. If all else fails, look on the brighter side. With rain, often come rainbows. Here are a few things you could
do to prepare yourself for a rainy wedding day.

1. Be prepared. Have plenty of umbrellas at hand for your guests as well as your wedding party
2.Have fun with it. It’s raining so you will get wet. Don’t stress over it embrace it and come up with creative ways to pose for photos
3.Know exactly what it is that you want to do when it rain. Create a plan and stick to it, if that be the case
4. If you do think you will have an alternative plan, send rain cards to your guests so they are up to date on your forecast switch up
5. Don’t forget to have a sense of humor about the whole situation. Keep reminding yourself that rain is actually good luck

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