You are at the right place

If you want an easy, pressure free, cozy, cute wedding, you are at the right place!!!! We got married at Pine Manor this September,Thanked Goodness the weather turned out great as we could have the ceremony in the Garden….which looks flowery and romantic…..

We chose this venue right away after the walkthrough & delicious pastries served to us …..We had the 30 People Package (the website is informative).

Pam did all the planning&Officiating…..She and her assistant were so helpful (you can call them if you have any questions. Pam even helped us figure out the invitation ideas, and she does bouquet,Boutonniere as well, I LOVE the bouquet she made us!)…….We had both photos & Video taken (we spent most of the time taking pictures and recording video, well, though it’s tiring, I guess the great memory need to be 100% captured )…..Cake looked elegant,tasted great….We toasted with the engraved glasses (with the words we wanted to put on them)…..Our Guests loved all the food as we all ate a lot…..

If you want your wedding to be private, all close families, you are at the right place as well. The garden ceremony went smoothly even without rehearsal (it was less nerve-racking as you’re no stranger to your guests), with all the blessings from families we jumped the broom…..At the end of the day,we all started singing while having dinner & cake.

Before we left Pine Manor heading to the Hotel Jacuzzi Suite (including in our package), we got a gift basket from Pam which is real sweet…. And she knows a lot of wedding traditions and stories……

Hope my review is helpful….Now I’m hungry thinking about the food I had on my wedding day.

  • Wedding Bouquet by Pam, Love it as it was just like what I envisioned.


Dandan W.YELP 10/10/2015 Park Ridge, IL