Winter Wedding Ideas

Wonderful Winter Wedding Ideas. Wedding bells ring, are you listening. In the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight. We’re happy tonight. Walking in a winter wonderland. If this song makes you giddy, maybe a winter wedding would be perfect for you. For the biggest winter wedding trends and our suggestions on what to choose keep on reading.

The venue:

WARM. INDOORS. COZY. If you’re not new to Chicago you’re most likely familiar with how chilly and snowy our winter months can get. While snow may not be one of your favorite things, it sets a wonderful backdrop, to a warm, and intimate small wedding venue.

Our suggestion: The 5-Star rated, Pine Manor Chicago Weddings. A unique small wedding venue offering an intimate, home elegance perfect for a small wedding with a guest list of up to 30, or a private elopement to Chicagoland’s Northwest suburbs. With 1920’s charm and Rev Pam’s suburban hospitality, this unique wedding experience is like no other. Interested in getting married in the Chicago suburbs? Read how to get married in Chicago’s Cook County Illinois HERE.

The flowers:

BIG. BEAUTIFUL. SIMPLE. Keep it simple, a winter wedding has some of the best situations to add a pop of color into a blank white washed background. Look for full big flowers to make a full bouquet look. Deep red colors and whites make for a well organized scheme. For extra color, add green sprigs, and for a little shine, adding crystals, or glitter will allow a very cohesive look.

Our suggestion: Finding a florist may not be tricky, but finding one that understand what will look good in your wedding photos might be. For someone who has an idea what its like to be on both sides from the photographer to the florist, Rev. Pam is sure to get you the biggest, best flowers at the cheapest price possible. Interested in learning more? Read more HERE.

The music:

CLASSICAL. SMOOTH. With the winter simplicity a classy tone can usually follow. To really jazz up the atmosphere in the room you might want to consider things like adding a pianist, or a live saxophonist to really get everyone swinging along during your big day. As a bonus suggestion you can ask for holiday or winter themed songs to really further the excitement over both the season and your wedding.

Our suggestion: Chris Greene the saxophonist and his piano partner would allow for some great jazz in your soul, if you’re looking for a great accompaniment this duo will rock your wedding and will keep your guests swinging all wedding long. Interested to find out more about his classy tunes? Check is website out HERE.

The cocktail hour:

WARM. DELICIOUS. HOMADE. Most everyone loves the homemade classic foods. So why not expand this love right into your wedding. Food served piping hot for cold bodies during the winter months is sure to make all your guests feel all warm and toasty inside and out.

Our suggestion: Adding something simple like a Keurig to your drink station with delicious offerings such as hot chocolate, apple cider, and for the adults it never hurts to make it slightly alcoholic. In addition to great drinks simple but fantastic hors d’oeuvres such as THESE may thrill your guest.

Still thinking about that venue we showed you in the beginning? Like most, if not ALL of these ideas then check out Pine Manor’s website HERE, or give Rev. Pam a call to here about how happy should would be to serve any of these needs in order to make your wedding day perfect.