Large Guest Lists Out, Intimate Weddings In

Keep your friends close and your family closer. Right now, small intimate weddings are the rave. However this wedding trend in not a fad and is sure to stick around. Modern couples are looking for something more unique and personal when it comes to tying the knot.

Many lovebirds work with a budget, or on a time crunch, and some just prefer having a sincere intimate ceremony with those they hold the closest to their hearts.  However, it is very important to note that having a small wedding doesn’t have to mean you are skimping out on any of the fun!

Around eighty percent of couples that contact Pine Manor to plan and design their wedding are reaching out to us because they want a creative space, i.e: mansion, loft, castle, barn, and so forth. These creative spaces are much harder to find when you’re not in the city or a rural area. Sometimes people feel that the suburbs don’t have much to offer. However, located only 3 blocks from the train station, near the heart of Mount Prospect is where Pine Manor, our unique venue, sits. Looking for historical background information on the venue, check THIS out. These couples, looking for a private space or something different from a courthouse wedding, or a church tend to find what they are looking for once they walk through the doors.

A very common thing we always hear about are guest counts of 150 or more. And while yes, we can go to your venue if you MUST have it at a specific location, and still LOVE Rev. Pam, like many of her previous clients have commented about HERE, but wouldn’t you their spend the night with the people you love the most and hold the closest in your heart. Most, unique venues max out at 150 guests due simply to the lack of available space for guests to socialize, sit, or even eat.

Between the desire to get married in one of these creative space venues, couples not getting married immediately following college, and hundreds of other reasons, guest counts are on the decline. For the couples that are footing the bill themselves, there is very little pressure (if any) to invite mom and dad’s entourage from college/work/whatever. Weddings are becoming more intimate and couples are starting to invite those that they have actually spent time with in the past year. No longer is cousin Richie from Kentucky invited to the winery wedding in Napa, because the couple hasn’t seen him in years. Spending the evening bouncing from table to table being introduced to your guests is not how you want to spend the night, spend it with laughter, with love, and specific memories of all those who attended. If you’re looking to make your wedding intimate check out these tips.

Keep everyone close.

  1. Have your guests gather around in a circle during your vows. Encourage everyone to hold hands, or pass out a candle for each person to hold while you and your fiancé dedicate your lives to each other.
  2. At your reception, have one big (or small) round table where all the guests and wedding party sit together. Being able to sit with everyone and look them in the eyes as they have a conversation will be much more memorable then bouncing from table to table each night.
  3. Serve the meal family-style, meaning everyone passes around the bowls to create a sense of community and sharing, with you at the center of the sentiment. Looking for more information on the family style foods Pine Manor offers? Check THIS out.

Get your guests involved.

  1. Having only one or two bridesmaids and groomsmen—siblings or lifelong friends only—is a great way to keep the tone intimate, special, and loving.
  2. At the reception, ask people to offer up relationship advice and positive stories from their own marriages.
  3. Pass out a blank book and colored pencils and ask guests to write and draw memories of the two of you, both growing up individually and as a couple. You’ll have this wedding day scrapbook to look at on every anniversary!
  4. Pass out smooth stones to each guest. Explain that these are their wishing stones, and that they should make a wish for the couple on the stone. Collect them afterward, and display the wishing stones in a glass case at the reception and in your home.
  5. Have a musical procession! What better way to announce your nuptials to the whole neighborhood?

Interested more now in cutting down your guest list? Still not sure where to book? Pine Manor may be the perfect intimate gathering space for you. Hosting up to 30 guests at a wedding makes us sure that everyone is close and really getting to spend time with one another. If you’re looking for a location as unique as the two of you then check out the photos below to see I that really draws you in. Loving us more after seeing those photos? Check out THIS website to book your date or call Rev. Pam yourself at 847-873-7463.


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