New Handmade Brooms to Jump

The jump the broom ritual is an amazing addition to any wedding ceremony, regardless of faith, as symbolically the broom represents the sweeping away of the old and the welcoming of the new. But where do you buy the broom? Rev Pam has the solution…The boom is used in this ritual to sweep away all negative energy, making way for all things that are good to come into the couple’s lives..  I usually add it in at the end after I have pronounced the couple “married”

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“Broom-stick weddings” were first known by Germanic Gypsy Tribes living in Wales in about the 1400 hundreds, then brought to England Scotland and African.

Each broom is $75 dollars plus shipping. jump-the-broomhand-made When I make the boom its random colors and sypplies that just feel right the day I pickup at the craft shop. Color is always customize-able, but what it looks like when I’m done is a surprise to both of us:), However – I guarantee you’ll love your boom.



Each boom has two or three prayers, wishes, or spells tied to the broom specifically for the start a new together, living a long and happy life together and, loyalty. The broom on the right I added dragon flies which are noted in many cultures to be good luck. The prayers were then tied in the blue ribbon.

jump the broom wedding

I usually say something like: “Sharing a life with another person requires dedication. By taking the leap over the broom, together they make a gesture of dedication to work together through the tough times ahead, as well as the easy times. They leave behind the past and jump into the future, together. Starting a new life, a promise to care for and defend one another.  Today, these lovebirds will jump the broom to seal their covenant as husband and wifeEveryone count Ready… 1, 2, 3… Jump!