Social Distance Commitment Ceremonies

Unable or don’t want to get a marriage license right now? Reverend Pam has you covered.

Certificate of Commitment and Personalized Handfasting Cord

Reverend Pam is in the business of making couples happy and providing them with the 5 star service she is known for, regardless of what is going on in the rest of the world. There are many things happening right now that may prevent a couple from obtaining a marriage license but that doesn’t have to stop people from making a declaration of commitment to each other. Or, there may be couples who aren’t quite ready for marriage but want to take a step toward deepening their commitment to each other during these uncertain times. In either instance, Reverend Pam is ready to work with you to create a custom commitment ceremony.

Certificate of Commitment from an Outdoor Ceremony

For couples whom Reverend Pam has performed a commitment ceremony, she can help you make your marriage legal at a later date, once you’ve obtained a marriage license. Details about how to do this can be found here.

As with all of her wedding ceremonies, a commitment ceremony can be performed in a variety of ways that allow for #SocialDistance and everyone’s safety, as well as letting the world know that #LoveWins.

Details for all of the options Reverend Pam has available can be found by visiting her website.