Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

 Where did this tradition come from? and Why Blue? 

The superstition of the Bride wearing something that fits each of the following four categories originated in Europe to ward off evil spirits, and bring good luck and prosperity to the couple. According to

Something Old: This tradition of having something old shows a sense of keeping in touch with your past, and keeping the sense of continuity while also allowing the single woman to transform into the unity of that of a married couple.

Something New: The symbol of having something new when you go to get married shows one moving from their adolescences into their adult life. New things allow for a fresh start and a clear beginning into your marriage.

Something Borrowed: With the tradition of borrowing, the hope were to borrow from a happily married couple because their good fortune, and long lasting love would then be transferred into the newlyweds new life together.

Something Blue: The tradition of having something blue when you walked dow the isle stemed from ancient Israel where the border of the bride’s dress was blue in order to symbolize purity, constancy and fidelity

By wearing/ or representing each of these categories the bride is said to be able to ward off the evil that may be challenging to your marriage in your future. Preventing these evil spirits allows for a pure life and the allowance for a happy life