Jewish Groom and Catholic Bride Give Rev Pam 5-Stars

Rev. Pam is amazing! My husband is Jewish and I am Catholic. We wanted to ensure that our ceremony was meaningful – that it incorporated elements of both our backgrounds, but was unique and special. Continue reading Jewish Groom and Catholic Bride Give Rev Pam 5-Stars

Book Your Valentines Day Wedding NOW!

These packages go fast. $400 for you to elope and includes a wine toast and Rev Pam’s photo session with a valentines day announcement photo sent to your phone.  Continue reading Book Your Valentines Day Wedding NOW!

Rainy Wedding Day

Rain symbolizes blessings, cleansing, unity, and a new day. In some cultures it is also a symbol of Continue reading Rainy Wedding Day

Ring Warming

Having a ring warming in your wedding is a wonderful way to involve all of your guests in your wedding ceremony. A ring warming is when each of your guests gets the opportunity to hold your wedding bands and bless it with a prayer for a long and healthy marriage.  This loving tradition dates back to the continent of Africa in the country of Egypt.

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History of The Veil

According to The Bride & Groom not Seeing Each Other Before the Ceremony comes to us from Jewish tradition.  But there’s more…

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The Claddagh Wedding Ring Tradition

The Claddagh’s simple and recognizable design displays two hands holding on to a heart, and usually it also has a crown above it. What this means is often said to relate to love, friendship, and loyalty.  Which in turn is what the ring stands for.

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The Great Rice Toss

Rice is considered to be a “life giving” seed.  It is thought that by throwing it on the couple they will be bestowed with fertility and have many children.   According to The tradition of throwing rice goes back centuries. Ancient Romans would shower a newly married couple with wheat, which symbolized fertility.

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