God’s Knot Wedding Ritual

INTERFAITH A beautiful (Christian) ritual but could represent any Deity /God that can easily be added into any wedding ceremony, the Gods knot is a symbolic ritual showing the individual is stronger with God at the center of the marriage. Continue reading God’s Knot Wedding Ritual

A Wedding Ceremony For Long Time LGBT Partners

Wedding Ceremony Samples. I write several ceremonies every week and work hard to personalize them for the couple. I have had the honor of writing and performing several of those weddings for long-time partners who now can be legally joined in marriage. I hope by sharing these exerts of wedding ceremonies it will give you ideas for your wedding. Continue reading A Wedding Ceremony For Long Time LGBT Partners

Pre Wedding Ceremonies

Traditional Mehndi (Henna) Pre Wedding Ceremonies

In Morocco, Pakistan, India, and other surrounding countries, the wedding party has a traditional Mehndi (Henna) pre wedding celebration which happens a day prior to the marriage ceremony. Much like a grooms dinner or rehearsal party the night before…

Continue reading Pre Wedding Ceremonies