Development around Pine Manor in the 1920’s

When researching Pine Manor’s history, Reverend Pam ran across a Daily Herald article from 2014 about the annual Mount Prospect holiday house walk.  The homes chosen that year were in the Pine Manor neighborhood. The article points out a few cool things.

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Pine Manor’s Builder Axel Lonnquist – 1929

The three bedroom 1- 1/2 Bath Dutch Colonial 401 South Pine Street Mt. Prospect, IL was built by Axel Lonnquist in the style of The Van Jean Sears Honor Built Homes: 1928. 

The above photo of Mount Prospect, Illinois was taken on June 13, 1929. The view is looking southwest, toward Pine Manor from Northwest Highway, down Main Street and Lincoln Street.

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Mount Prospect’s First Developer

Ever wonder where the ‘MOUNT’ is in Mt. Prospect, Illinois?

Although Mount Prospect is noted for being a farming community started by German immigrants, it was actually two Irish men, Owen Rooney and Walter Burke, who first arrived here. The village was named by its first developer, Ezra C Eggleston. He called it MOUNT because, at 665ft about sea level, the village has the highest elevation in Cook County and PROSPECT because he felt that it was a promising area to settle. It is interesting to note that Mr. Eggleston never lived in Mount Prospect.

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