The cake was gorgeous and absolutely to die for delicious!!

Literally, Rev Pamela handled the entire process for us. She gave us step by step instructions on how to obtain our marriage license and all of the other little details that help put our mind at ease. She took all of our requests, our color choices, music preferences, and much more and turned all of those ideas into a magnificent ceremony. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted and treated as if we were old friends. She prepared us a wonderful lunch, served with her marvelous house wine and a candle dinner after our ceremony all in the comfort of her beautiful, peaceful and relaxing home. The cake was gorgous and absolutely to die for delicious!! Joey, our photography was friendly and very easygoing. The pictures he took were amazing. In our opinion there is nothing that could have gone better!!! Thank you so much Pamela for your kindness, thoughtfulness and blessing that made our special day one that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Jo & Angela Courtney

Reviewed by Jo & Angela Courtney on on 9/2/2014