The Route 83 S-Curves, a Piece of Mount Prospect History

Plat of Dedication for Public Highway in Section 12. Township 41 North, Range 11 East Third Principal Meridian, in the Village of Mt. Prospect. 

Cook County Illinois, Recorder of Deeds, Plat 7675908 July 25, 1922 William Busse, Jr Notary Public

Fred Schafer Owner Mt Prospect south of the proposed highway route 83 and George Meier Owner of the land on the north side of the Highway route 83.

Proposed S-Curve between the Meier and Schafer Properties

George  Meier Owner of the land North of Route 83 and Fred Schafer Owner of the land South of the 83 S-Curve. June 27, 1922 propose a new public highway planned to S-Curve in front of the already planned Meiers Subdivision, Which Pine Manor was the First home Block three, Lot One. It was learned from the historical society that the oral story is Mr. William Busse himself was the architect of the direction of the S-Curved highway. It was specifically designed to collect all the main streets at one intersection, Lincoln, Main, Elmhurst, and Route 83, swing across the front yard of Pine Manor, and curve north so all drivers would drive by all his businesses on Main street. William Busse Jr., who was also the village President, notarized all of the documents in the village which gives validity to this story.

It is noted on May 14, 1928 document 4089557 a Torens that George Meier is married to William Busse’s daughter, as written, and his wife Sophia Busse Meier sold the land to Gustav M Bedurske & Ella his wife, Lot 1 Block 3 in the Meier’s Addition to Mt Prospect, a subdivision in the NW Quarter of section 12, township 14 N Rangel E of the 3 principal meridian. This plan was notarized by William Busse.

That part of Lots 5,6,7,8,9,10,and 11 in Blocks 3 in Meiers Addition to Mount Prospect In the South West Quarter of the North West Quarter of section 12, township 41, north, range 11, east of the third principal meridian. Described as follows: Commencing at a point on the south line of lot 11 aforesaid 120.03 feet west of the south east corner of said lot 11, thence north-easterly on a curved line, convex to the south east radios 267.oo feet, a distance of 429.34 feet to a point in the east line as aforesaid lot 5, thence south on the east line of aforesaid lots 5,6,7,8 and 9 – 198.98 feet to a point in the east lone of lot 9 aforesaid 78.15 feet north of the south east corner od said lot 10, thence souh-westerly on a curved line, convex to the south east, radus 333,00 feet, a distance of 108.88 feet to a point in the south line of lot 10 aforesaid 78.15 feet westof south east corner of said lot 10, thence west on  said south line of aforesaid lots10 and 11 and a distance of 198.99 feet to the place of beginning. — containing 32 79/10000 acres. more or less.

Plat of Dedication for Public Highway 83

State of Illinois, county of cook, I B.H.Snhr, do hereby certify, that I have surveyed the above description property for the purpose of dedication for public highway all of which is correctly shown on the plat hereon drawn, dimension being in feet and decimals thereof. Chicago, This 27th Day of June A.D. 1922 Illinois Registered Land Surveyor No. 39 105 N Clark St Chicago.

Details of Ownership and Survey of the Plat of Dedication

Owners Both signed, and notarized by William Busse, Jr.

I do hereby dedicate to this public the land described in the accompanying plat for the purpose of a public highway, said medication being free and voluntary act, for the user and purpose as in these certifies and the palt herein set forth. And do hereby alsio execute the foregoing plat.

25th Day, July 1922

George Weier, Owner.

Friedrich Schafer, Owner.

Details of the Land Location and Size on the Plat of Dedication

State of Illinois, county of Cook SS

Village of Mount Orosspect, We William Busse President and Henry J Ehard Clark In and for the said village in the state ond county aforsaid, do hereby certify, that on the 5th day of September, A.D.1922, the Board of Trustees of the Village of Moount Prospect in the state and county aforesaid approved the accompanying plat and accepted fpr the public the dedication of highway thereon shown.


William Busse, President

Attest: Henry K Ehard, Village Clerk Village of Mount Prospect Corporate Seal, Incorporated 1907 Cook County, Illinois

I find no redeemable tax sales, unpaid forfeited taxes, or unpaid assessments – Robert M Swetzer, County Clerk Late Sept 5. 1922.

I, George A Quinlan, Superintendent of Highways in and for county of Cook, State of Illinois, do hereby approve plat of dedication hereon drawn and described in the above. Dated this 12, day of September A.D.1922 Filed October 11 A.D. 1922 2:00 O’Clock P.M.