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DIY Easy Backgrounds For Your Video Wedding

Do It Yourself easy background ideas for your social distance video wedding ceremony. Because of COVID-19 I have transformed my little wedding venue – Pine Manor, into Video live feed broadcast headquarters for Chicago-land’s Social Distance Weddings. Now marrying couples over Skype with their family and friends looking on. It’s fun and a great story for the 25th anniversary party. wink.

Manor Parlor

But what might that look like? The parlor and fireplace here at Pine Manor in Mount Prospect, IL makes a perfect backdrop for me to stand and officiate the ceremony on camera. I light the candles creating an intimate and romantic visual. And brides and grooms are thinking more about the background at their home too. With this package you not only can invite your guests from around the world, but will also receive a free keepsake Skype video – and you will want it to look nice.

Video Background Ideas to Share. Thinking about your video wedding ceremony background might sound daunting, but here are a few easy ideas to consider as you create your ceremony stage with things you have around the house.

Waist Up. Sine the COVID-19 stay-at-home order has you barricaded at home, you might be surveying your surroundings and hating the look of your space. Don’t over think it. Plan your area as “a close up”. Position the computer / camera to shoot straight across and not angled up of down. Close Up. Even outside, you will want the camera close enough to really feel like your there. But be conscious of background noise. Maybe consider adding a microphone for outside recording so you can hear your vows on your keepsake video.

Re-purpose – reuse. Using backdrops is as easy as looking in your closet and applying a little imagination. Wrapping paper hung with string and a couple of plastic hooks on the back of a door will pull down and stays in place easily. I have many example’s on my Pinterest board showing different ideas. (link below)

Improvise! Several layers of thin fabric can look really cool close up. Or even a shower curtain. Or balls of tinfoil on string hanging down. Work with what you got! A simple window covering and adding a few lights can make a perfect background. Just remember, if it’s too bright behind you – it will make you look very dark standing in front of that.

The bathroom shower curtain rod could be re-positioned in a door jam opening to hang your fabric if the window is too bright. Shadows for a bridal portrait is different then video recording. Watch for the shadows.

Use whatever you have around the house! A bed sheet makes a perfect background. Add lights or other colors to your “photo area” . No one will see the top or sides unless you show it in your screen crop.

Test The Video Before the Call. See if you like how it looks. Be sure to test at the exact time of day you plan to record. In case shadows or something else effects your shot. Feel free to contact me to set up a test run so you can see what the video background would look like. Self test in the Skype app can be found under the three dots/ settings / audio-video Remember if you have guests your image will be shared on the screen with me, and your guests. Check out more ideas on my PINTEREST HERE

LOVE WINS! And you can still get married in Chicago

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