We ended up having a great memory and a special day

I have to say we were blown away.  We found Pam’s website purely because we were looking for an alternative to standing in line down at the courthouse and didn’t even know the option of a private ceremony with a Justice of the Peace was an option.  We were driven a bit more by urgency than by trying to make the day perfect.  I’m trying to say we had VERY low expectations for the event and braced ourselves for it to be very in personal and well… legal.

Boy were we blown away by how Pam made it not just special, but easy going and still as expedited as we needed.  From the first phone call she was willing to meet us within days if needed, accomodate our time and date requests.  told us to bring a small group (we ended up sharing the day with both our families and two close friends).  When we showed up she had dressed her back lawn into a very lovely outdoor setting, her home is lovely and there were even little greeting cards and signs to make us feel welcome.  They even took some really excellent photographs from the day and sent them to us afterward by email.

We ended up having a great memory and a special day and it made a huge difference to us.  I think Pam could charge 3X her current rate and it would still be a great value.  Anyone who’s planning to do the courthouse thing should definitely consider this alternative, and even those who may be planning a small by surprisingly expensive ceremony may want to give this a consideration as well.


Bohb and Laurie
Yelp Review on: 7.17.2012