Wedding Candy Ideas That Your Guests Will Just Eat Right Up!

So we can all probably admit that we all have a sweet tooth in one way or another, wether we have cravings for ice cream, or candies, chocolates or things that make our cheeks pucker. Now some of us might want to leave these types of things out on our big day, but for those of us who are children at heart or just want to enjoy a kick of sugar to keep the party going, check out these great ideas on how to make your wedding day, extra sweet.1. Chocolate cake toppers:

Now picture this, you look at your delicious cake, delivered that morning by Continental Bakery, our local bakery here in Mt. Prospect. It looks delicious, the frosting has a nice shine to it. It matches your color scheme beautifully, everything is perfect, but wait, something is missing. I KNOW, A CAKE TOPPER. Now, I know most couples can’t wait to eat each other up on their wedding night *wink* but why not do it in a possible… more delicious way, if you catch my drift. You can do this with a chocolate cake topper. Available for same sex couples as well as heterosexual and even submit a photo so its fully customizable

2. Personalized Candy Wrappers:

Handing out candy bars with homemade paper wrappers wrapped around them can really add a cute additional, personalized touch. It also adds an almost Willy Wonka esque vibe to these delicious treats. Golden tickets anyone? This fun idea can be applied to any of your favorite candy bars. The freedom to write up your own messages and to choose any color of paper to match your theme, allows for something that’s completely you. Pick up your favorite candies, and wrap them on up. Looking for instructions on how to complete this look, check THIS website out.

3. Candy Wedding Favors/Bagged Treats:

make-some-memories-candyYour guests are about to leave. They’re heading outchocplate-platter the door. What can you give them to make you remember how much fun they had? What would be a useful wedding favor that your guests actually WANT to receive. How about some amazing CANDY. Some wedding favors don’t get much use after the wedding, and although these sweet treats wont last long, you’re guests are sure to enjoy them. Even if one of your guests isn’t a big fan its almost a guarantee that someone else would be more than happy to take their favor home with them instead. From pretzels to candies, almost anything is possible to put in these delicious wedding favors.


4. Candy/Dessert Bar:

So you’ve eaten up the wedding cake, it was delicious, perfect, but you still have some time left in your big night. Picture this. Clear glass dishes, maybe the match, maybe they don’t, what’s your style?  Next step, add some of your favorite candies, or even color coordinated options, and your starting to put together a very classy look. This can be a big hit with kids and adults alike and it really adds an additional element to your wedding that guests can look forward to. Designs like the one below are different themed tables that our partner, Illinois Nut and Candy have designed for events and corporate days. This option is also a great idea for following up a wedding cake and even for having an alternative to cake.

Is your mouth watering yet? Do you like where these ideas are going? Want to add your own twist to these idesa? If you answered yet, then maybe its time to start planning your Pine Manor wedding with us. At Pine manor when you book with us you’ll get a 5% discount on the listed prices that are shown below. Through your Pine Perk Shown HERE.

COEXIST 6/$14.25, 12/ $28.50, 18/$42.75 24/$57 30/$71.25
PRETZEL TOPPER 6/$21.38, 12/$42.75, 18/$64.13, 24/$85.50, 30/$106.88
COUPLE WEDDING FAVORS: bride-groom, bride-bride, groom-groom
6/$21.38, 12/$42.75, 18/$64, 24/$85.50, 30/$106
CHOCOLATE TRAY 12guests/28 pieces $90.25, 18guests / $128.25, 24guests/$166.25


All of these photos are from our partner Illinois Nut and Candy. If you like what your looking at, check out their website HERE. And let them know that you like what they do.

Have a real SWEET day, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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