Wedding Ceremony Options During COVID-19

Reverend Pam and Pine Manor have several options available for your wedding during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

In an effort to continue to offer the same 5 Star service that Reverend Pam and Pine Manor are known for, we have created several options that are available for your wedding ceremony in the face of COVID-19.

A recent Pine Manor wedding that was shared over Skype

The first option is to book a Social Distance Wedding Ceremony. This is a wedding ceremony that will be held exclusively over Skype. Having your ceremony this way will allow your guests to witness your wedding ceremony as it is happening, yet still follow the social distancing guidelines that are in place in Illinois. For more detailed information and to book your Social Distance Wedding Ceremony, please click HERE to be redirected to Reverend Pam’s website.

Reverend Pam performs an outdoor wedding ceremony

The second option is to have Reverend Pam come to you and perform your ceremony at an outdoor location. This is a great option for couples who currently hold a marriage license in counties outside of Cook County. For this wedding package option it is important to note that Reverend Pam will only perform ceremonies in an outdoor location and all local, state, and national social distancing mandates must be followed. To learn more about this option and to book a date for Reverend Pam to come to you, please click HERE to be redirected to her website.

Pine Manor’s backyard garden in the summer

The third option available is to book a Quickie wedding package in which the COUPLE ONLY is married in a private ceremony in the outdoor garden of Pine Manor. This is an excellent option for couples who want a private ceremony or who are looking to elope. Please note, with this package ALL ceremonies are performed OUTSIDE (regardless of weather) and the only people allowed to attend are the couple being married and Reverend Pam. For more information and to book your quickie wedding at Pine Manor, please click HERE to be redirected to Revered Pam’s website.

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