Wedding Gratuity

Wedding Budget. Don’t Forget Gratuity. Tipping wedding vendors can be a tricky affair and often sneaks in at the last minute increasing your wedding budget. Plan ahead who you should tip and how much. Here is a quick reference Gratuity guide From the to take the stress out of last minute vendor management.

  • Hair / Makeup 15 – 25%, 30% if work is done on site – at time of service
  • Ceremony Musicians $20 to $25 per person – After the ceremony
  • DJ $50 – $150- at the  end of the night when he cleans up. They should also be invited to eat dinner.
  • Wedding Planner  & Wedding Day Coordinator – 15 to 20% of full fee – paid at the end of the night or within a day or two of the wedding as a thank you. Coordinator assistants $50 – $100 each at the end of the night. They should also be invited to eat dinner.
  • Wait Staff & Bartender $20 – 30 per person, bartenders $25 – $40 each -give the money to banquet director or site manager at the end of the night
  • Rental delivery people – $5 to $10 each – at time of service
  • Wedding Officiant – Often a donation to the church is appropriate from $100 – to $500 in lue of payment to the officiant, but a tip is still appropriate. For non-denominational officiants $75 to $125 on top of their fee is appropriate. It is also nice to invite them to stay for dinner and the reception especially if the ceremony site is the same place as the reception. If its two different places – then you really don’t have to ask them to come to the reception unless you want to. But it’s not expected.
  • Drivers 15 – 20% often included in the contract. – paid at time of service.
  • Hotel Cleaning Staff – leave a tip in your room of $10 or more depending on how guilty you feel about the mess you’re leaving. Wink!


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