The Bread & Salt Tradition of Poland

When it comes to an age old world traditions, the sharing of the bread, salt, and wine in Poland dates far back into their history.Typically, during the wedding reception, the parents of both the groom and bride, greet the newly married couple with bread, which is lightly sprinkled with salt, as well as a goblet of wine for the couple to share.

The bread that the parents provide are to symbolize their hope that their children will never go hungery or be in need of things. With the salt, they are reminding the couple that their life may be difficult at times, and they must learn to cope with life’s struggles. With the wine, they are hoping that the couple will never thirst, and wish that they have a life of good health, good cheer, and may be able to share the company of many good friends.

The parents then kiss the newly married couple as a sign of welcome, unity and love.

If the couple chooses to include this tradition into their ceremony it might go something along these lines:

Officiant: “The Bride and Groom are being greeted by their parents with bread and salt and a glass of wine. The parents sprinkle the bread with salt and give it to both of the newlyweds to eat. The bread represents the parents hope that their children will never experience hunger or need, the salt reminds the couple that their life may be difficult at times and they must learn together to cope with life’s struggles.”

The parents present the glass of wine to the Bride and Groom for both to drink. 

Officiant: “The parents now join in kissing the bride and groom as a welcome to the family and as a sign of their love and unity.”

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