William T Mott, Honored City Trustee & DAMP President – Owner 1937 – 1952

William T Mott, Pine Manor Owner from 1937 – 1952. 

William T Mott was married to Grace and they had one son. In 1940 the Motts hosted a table tennis meeting to plan a team to play (ping-pong) against other cities here at Pine Manor.

Table Tennis Article

In 1943 William Mott ran for Mount Prospect village trustee under the Independent Party against the Civic Progress Party and won.  He remained active in Mount Prospect well into the 1960’s.

1943 Ballot

Mott was a village trustee from 1943 – 1965, during which time he was also the chairman to the DAMP water project. This project established how Mt Prospect gets its water, and was a big part in starting to get sidewalks put into the village. Prior to his work for the city, Mott worked for the Peoples Gas Light and Coke company as Asst Supt. of the Property Accounting Department.

Newspaper Article about Mott from the 1940’s

In 1947, William Mott was part of the ground breaking ceremony for the Mount Prospect City Hall. Pictured below, along with William Busse, Mott is in the dark hat and glasses on the far left.

Mount Prospect Village Hall Groundbreaking Ceremony
For Sale Article

Mott advertised Pine Manor as being “Priced for Quick Sale by Owner” in the newspaper in November of 1951. He asked interested buyers to call the phone number 1127-J. Mrs Julius F Elman  purchased the Manor from the Mott family. The Motts moved to 15 S George Street, also in Mt Prospect, from Pine Manor.

Only a few months before the Motts put the house up for sale, they had lawn furniture stolen from their garden and it was in the newspaper. Mr Mott is quoted giving a warning to the Mt Prospect citizens that its not a small town anymore and not as safe as it use to be.

Theft Article

In 1966, William Mott was officially recognized by the city of Mount Prospect for his years of work and dedication to the village. The full decree, as approved by the mayor and village trustees, can be read here.